Population Health

With a central focus on patient-centred care and innovative solutions, UBC researchers are committed to improving the health of our communities and access to care – both nationally and globally.

Together with our partners, our researchers are breaking down barriers to care and exploring further treatment and preventative initiatives in areas such as HIV/AIDS, HPV and addictions.

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Mapping out the health impacts of climate change

The resource represents the first time climate change-related health vulnerabilities have been mapped in B.C.
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Wildfire smoke has immediate harmful health effects

New UBC research finds exposure to wildfire smoke affects the body’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems almost immediately.
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Heat may kill more people than previously reported

Even moderately hot weather may actually be killing thousands, not hundreds as previously reported.
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Cannabis poisonings in children linked with drinking and illicit drug use

A new study looks at cannabis poisoning incidents in children prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada.
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Majority of cannabis use in Vancouver’s DTES for therapeutic purposes, may also reduce opioid overdose risk

Study finds most people at high risk of overdose who use cannabis do so for pain relief and other therapeutic reasons.
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One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for treating hypertension in pregnancy

New findings will help better understand the risks and benefits of hypertension treatment during pregnancy.
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Researchers unlock TB vaccine puzzle in findings that could save millions of newborns

UBC researchers among an international team to identify the mechanism behind one of science’s most enduring mysteries.
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UBC discovery opens new avenues for designing drugs to combat drug-resistant malaria

Researchers have shown a key difference in the three-dimensional structures of a key metabolic enzyme in the parasite that causes malaria compared to its human counterpart.
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Peer mentorship programs vital for supporting women leaving prison

New Faculty of Medicine research underscores the value of peer mentorship programs in navigating the transition from prison back into the community.
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UBC experts answer coronavirus (COVID-19) questions

Faculty members share their expertise in specialties from pediatrics to psychiatry.
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