Heart & Lung Health

UBC researchers are fast becoming international leaders in understanding and eliminating heart and lung diseases.

In collaboration with international partners in healthcare and government, our researchers are crossing divisional and departmental boundaries to develop tests, biomarkers and clinical therapies that will predict, treat and cure two of the world’s leading causes of death.

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Revolutionizing the recovery journey

How translational research is improving the lives of heart transplant patients.
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A procedure, not medication, may be a more effective first-line of treatment for common heart rhythm problem

New UBC research may have significant implications for how atrial fibrillation is treated.
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On-scene care saves more lives than transporting cardiac arrest patients to hospital​

UBC’s Dr. Brian Grunau weighs in on the findings of his new study on treating cardiac arrests.
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Wildfire smoke has immediate harmful health effects

New UBC research finds exposure to wildfire smoke affects the body’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems almost immediately.
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Falling childhood asthma rates linked to declining use of unnecessary antibiotics

A new study suggests that careful antibiotic use in children under the age of one is important to help preserve the diversity and abundance of healthy gut bacteria.
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UBC researchers warn of dangers of air pollution during COVID-19 outbreak

Air pollution can make infections of the respiratory tract more severe.
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Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes may be communicable

A new study proposes some non-communicable diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, may spread by gut bacteria.
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Canadians dying at a higher rate in areas with more air pollution

The study is the largest so far to look at the relationship between air pollution and mortality in Canada.
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Pain medications linked to higher cardiovascular risks in patients with osteoarthritis

Those with osteoarthritis in the study sample had a 23 per cent higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
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Uncontrolled asthma could cost U.S. economy more than $963 billion in the next 20 years

New study co-authored by Mark FitzGerald estimates the medical costs of uncontrolled asthma combined with productivity losses due to sick days.
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