Becoming Clinical Faculty

More than 10,000 clinical faculty members contribute to the vision of the Faculty of Medicine by:

  • Teaching and inspiring our learners
  • Being role models for the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • Providing administrative leadership
  • Promoting professional development
  • Advancing translational and clinical research

Why Teach?

Comments from our clinical faculty regarding the benefits of teaching:

“They learn – I learn.”

“Teaching motivates me to keep up with current literature.”

“It is important for them to know about my area as it applies to all areas of medicine.”

“Teaching keeps me enthusiastic and up to date.”

“I want to be a small part of shaping clinicians of tomorrow.”

  • association and collaboration with others in the Faculty of Medicine and throughout UBC, UNBC and UVic; and
  • the infrastructure and resources to facilitate research focused on improving patient care, patient outcomes and professional practice.

Read more about the services and perks available to clinical faculty.

Learning to Teach

Many health professionals are concerned that they have received little or no formal training as an educator. We understand these concerns and recommend training before starting any teaching assignments. These faculty development sessions occur at various dates, times and locales.

How to Apply

To apply to be a clinical faculty member, download the application form and send the completed form to your specific department, school or distributed site. Please also refer to your specific department, school or site for any additional application requirements.

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