Chronic Diseases

UBC is playing a key role in understanding and preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. With a commitment to evidence-based practice, our researchers are generating new knowledge that is reshaping how we treat and manage complex diseases.

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A safer treatment path for high-risk children to overcome food allergies

New UBC research highlights safety and efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy for older and high-risk children with food allergies.
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Endometriosis: Towards better diagnosis and treatment

UBC’s Dr. Paul Yong is helping ignite change for thousands of people faced with the painful disorder.
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Stem cell-based treatment controls blood sugar in people with Type 1 diabetes

A clinical trial led by UBC researchers shows that an innovative treatment can help reduce dependence on insulin injections for people with Type 1 diabetes.
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Helping British Columbians see clearly

Clinical researcher Dr. Eduardo Navajas is part of the first clinical trial for a gene therapy to treat wet age-related macular degeneration.
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Hospital admissions for COPD have increased, especially in women and younger adults

New UBC research reveals that hospital admissions for COPD have risen, even while smoking rates and admissions for other health issues have declined.
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Researchers discover common origin behind major childhood allergies

Several common childhood allergies may all stem from the community of bacteria living in our gut, suggesting new ways to predict and prevent them.
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UBC researchers identify cells that cause initial airway destruction in COPD patients’ lungs

By understanding the cells involved in small airway loss, the researchers hope to develop more effective treatments and preventative measures for COPD.
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Harmful gut bacteria feed on sugars in the intestinal lining

New research suggests a potential treatment pathway for conditions linked to gut bacteria, like inflammatory bowel disease.
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$33.8M gift to transform MS research and save more lives, sooner

Gift will establish the MS Research Network, a world-class research and patient-care hub that will develop, manufacture and test next-generation therapies.
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Diet and lifestyle education in a family practice clinic can benefit wellbeing

Researchers at UBC’s Southern Medical Program show how primary health professionals can help improve habits.
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