Combatting COVID-19

Hear from UBC experts, learn more about work on the frontlines, and discover the latest research helping to combat the global outbreak.

UBC faculty of medicine researchers receive federal support to advance mRNA vaccine technologies

$11.1 million will improve the delivery and efficacy of mRNA vaccines and boost B.C. biotechnology impact on the global stage.

COVID-19 lockdown may have accelerated HIV transmission in some at-risk populations

A new UBC study sheds light on how COVID-19 pandemic restrictions impacted another public health threat — HIV.

Mobilizing vaccine research in a pandemic

When the pandemic hit, the Vaccine Evaluation Center worked at an unprecedented pace to enroll over 1.8 million participants in a study on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 and back-to-school

Children are entering a fourth school year in a pandemic. Pediatrics professor Dr. Manish Sadarangani shares expert advice for parents.

UBC researchers discover ‘weak spot’ across major COVID-19 variants

The findings pave the way for new antibody treatments that could be universally effective across variants.

COVID-19 vaccine and young children

Pediatrics professor Dr. Ran Goldman provides expert answers for parents looking for more information on COVID-19 vaccines for young children.

New study further demonstrates COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are safe during pregnancy

Findings show pregnant people experience fewer health event post-vaccination than non-pregnant people.

Travel restrictions significantly reduced COVID-19 cases entering Canada — but insufficient to prevent new outbreaks

UBC researchers led the first national-level genomic analysis of COVID-19 epidemiology in Canada.

Faculty of medicine researchers awarded more than $36m through CIHR project grants

Project topics include the overdose and COVID-19 crises and COPD.