Population Health

With a central focus on patient-centred care and innovative solutions, UBC researchers are committed to improving the health of our communities and access to care – both nationally and globally.

Together with our partners, our researchers are breaking down barriers to care and exploring further treatment and preventative initiatives in areas such as HIV/AIDS, HPV and addictions.

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UBC chair will advance rural health education and research in B.C.

Dr. John Pawlovich appointed the next Rural Doctors’ UBC Chair in Rural Health
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Researchers create new software to prevent adverse drug events

The software is now being implemented in nine Lower Mainland hospitals, with more sites to come.
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Health of Canadians with disabilities suffering during the pandemic

Nearly 30 per cent of those polled are hesitant to get vaccinated.
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New program makes planning a birth after C-section simpler

UBC researchers have created a new interactive online program to support people who have had a previous C-section make better-informed decisions about navigating their next pregnancy and birth.
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UBC launches national COVID-19 vaccine registry for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Dr. Deborah Money shares why this research is critical and how pregnant and breastfeeding women can get involved.
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Indigenous Peoples in Canada have higher death rates, complications after surgery

The researchers looked at nearly 30 studies that compared surgical outcomes across a range of procedures.
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UBC researchers identify the most dangerous prescriptions for B.C. drivers

The results indicate a need for more caution among drivers taking medications, and specific advice from physicians who prescribe them.
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Weak antibody response to first vaccine dose may leave older adults vulnerable

The findings raise questions about the optimal timing of the second dose of vaccine for older adults.
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B.C. saw a dramatic increase in pre-conception cannabis use after legalization

Findings from a new UBC study show a 71 per cent increase in self-reported cannabis use among women who were about to conceive.
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New UBC professorship to advance addiction medicine in B.C.

Dr. Nadia Fairbairn has been named the inaugural Philip Owen Professor in Addiction Medicine at UBC.
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