Through innovative research on cancer treatment and prevention, members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine are attacking cancer on several fronts. Building from a rich tradition of discovery science, our people and partners are taking hold of new technologies and are exploring new areas of research to advance knowledge and improve care.

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Made-in-Canada method of producing life-saving radioisotopes receives Health Canada approval

This landmark development will usher in a new era for patients in Canada and around the world.
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UBC scientists partner with Microsoft to develop next generation of cancer imaging and treatment tools

Using AI, the research team aims to transform cancer detection in B.C. and beyond.
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New treatment strategy could overcome drug resistance in pancreatic cancer

The finding offers new hope for patients with the most common type of pancreatic cancer.
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HPV strains may impact cervical cancer prognosis

The new study represents the first comprehensive analysis of molecular characteristics of cervical cancers in an African population.
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New test paves the way for tailored treatment of deadliest form of ovarian cancer

UBC faculty of medicine researchers have led an international team in developing a new test to better diagnose different types of ovarian cancer.
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New combination treatment may overcome drug resistance in blood cancers

Scientists at UBC, BC Cancer reveal combination treatment shows promise in overcoming drug resistance and relapse in people with chronic myeloid leukemia.
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UBC scientists discover genetic insights into cancer drug resistance

The findings provide valuable insight into how cancers progress, spread throughout the body and become resistant to chemotherapy.
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UBC researchers awarded more than $1M to tackle aggressive bone cancer in children

Dr. Mads Daugaard and Dr. Poul Sorensen are employing novel strategies to target Ewing sarcoma.
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Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes may be communicable

A new study proposes some non-communicable diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, may spread by gut bacteria.
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Dr. Nadine Caron named founding First Nations Health Authority Chair in Cancer and Wellness at UBC

New UBC chair seeks to improve cancer outcomes and wellness among Indigenous peoples.
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