Through innovative research on cancer treatment and prevention, members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine are attacking cancer on several fronts. Building from a rich tradition of discovery science, our people and partners are taking hold of new technologies and are exploring new areas of research to advance knowledge and improve care.

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Simple hysterectomy a safe option for women with early-stage, low-risk cervical cancer

UBC researchers were part of an international clinical trial showing that less radical intervention can improve patient quality of life.
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Nuclear medicine can cure cancer, and Canadian researchers are stepping up the fight

Faculty of Medicine scientists have received more than $23 million in federal funding to develop precision radiopharmaceuticals that promise to transform cancer treatment.
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AI predicts cancer patient survival by reading doctor’s notes

Predicting cancer survival is an important factor that can be used to improve cancer care.
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Research by UBC professor lays groundwork for life-saving breast cancer treatment

Drug promotes disease-free survival in breast cancer patients and markedly improves quality of life
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UBC biotech spin-off raises $75M to bring cancer treatments to patients

With roots in UBC research, Alpha-9 Theranostics is developing cancer radiotherapies that target tumours while avoiding healthy tissues.
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UBC researchers develop an improved hereditary cancer test

The new test is the first to be able to determine which parent a cancer predisposing gene came from, promising to improve familial testing strategies.
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One in seven billion: First-in-the-world diagnosis a result of incredible teamwork

Researchers at UBC and BCCHRI uncovered a never-before-seen diagnosis for a young Syrian refugee facing reduced mobility and recurring cancers.
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Single-cell genome sequencing provides new insights into deadly cancers

New research into the most aggressive forms of breast and ovarian cancer shines light on how tumours evolve.
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A team approach to understanding post-treatment cancer care

Researchers at UBCO are exploring the critical role family physicians play in post-cancer care.
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Artificial intelligence enhances ovarian cancer diagnostics

New AI technology developed by UBC researchers could improve diagnostics in remote communities that lack available specialists.
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