Through innovative research on cancer treatment and prevention, members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine are attacking cancer on several fronts. Building from a rich tradition of discovery science, our people and partners are taking hold of new technologies and are exploring new areas of research to advance knowledge and improve care.

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Can your breath be used to detect lung cancer?

In the first laboratory of its kind in North America, UBC’s Dr. Renelle Myers is harnessing the power of breath in the hopes of saving more lives, sooner.
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New ‘spatial’ biomarkers could better predict treatment outcomes for Hodgkin lymphoma

A new study by UBC researchers could help predict patient outcomes and guide better treatment decisions.
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‘We now know our enemy’: UBC study offers new hope for treating relapsed childhood leukemia

Single-cell genomic analysis reveals how a form of pediatric leukemia changes at relapse, guiding the development of new treatment possibilities.
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How exercise can boost cancer treatment and recovery

Dr. Kristin Campbell and her team are helping people living with cancer incorporate exercise into their treatment and recovery.
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A roadmap for individualized metastatic prostate cancer care

New research traces the branching path of de novo metastatic prostate cancer, uncovering new treatment opportunities.
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Could chicken eggs help revolutionize cancer treatment for children?

UBC’s Dr. James Lim is part of a research team helping to bring new hope to children battling hard-to-treat cancers.
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Study shows potential of new treatment strategies for most common childhood cancer

UBC researchers made a key discovery about how childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia evolves and responds to targeted therapies.
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High insulin levels directly linked to pancreatic cancer

A new UBC study offers the first detailed explanation of why people with obesity and type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of pancreatic cancer.
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Detecting breast cancer sooner

Dr. Paula Gordon’s research is helping ensure women have access to life-saving breast cancer screening.
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B.C. researchers identify gene that fuels aggressive childhood cancers

New UBC research sheds light on why some forms of neuroblastoma are so deadly, uncovers new treatment targets.
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