Population Health

With a central focus on patient-centred care and innovative solutions, UBC researchers are committed to improving the health of our communities and access to care – both nationally and globally.

Together with our partners, our researchers are breaking down barriers to care and exploring further treatment and preventative initiatives in areas such as HIV/AIDS, HPV and addictions.

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Unravelling the link between pesticide exposure and Parkinson’s disease

New UBC research illuminates how genetics and pesticide exposure intersect to contribute to Parkinson’s disease risk.
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UBC student launches ‘It’s My Choice’ to empower abortion care decisions

PhD student Kate Wahl hopes to help people choose the type of care that best fits their values and circumstances.
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Enhancing public health monitoring of B.C.’s marine waters

UBC researchers are partnering with Indigenous communities and local industry to safeguard public health, protect shellfish harvesting areas and beaches from long closures.
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UBC study challenges alarming U.S. maternal death rate reports

While new research suggests U.S. maternal death rates are stable, researchers say persistent racial and ethnic disparities need addressing.
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Young people at the centre of the toxic drug poisoning crisis

A new book by UBC’s Dr. Danya Fast traces the experiences of young people who use drugs in Vancouver amidst a public health overdose emergency.
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People of colour less likely to be screened for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders: new study

New analysis involving 2,700 pregnant and postpartum people across the U.S. reveals a disproportionate lack of mental health screenings for people of colour.
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Trans people and the choreography of reproductive health care

A new book by UBC postdoctoral fellow Dr. A.J. Lowik explores the experiences of trans people accessing reproductive health care in British Columbia.
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Hospitals dealing with increasingly complex patients, data reveals

New UBC research highlights how patient needs in B.C. are evolving.
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UBC researchers develop model to accurately predict risk of C-section birth

The model could help improve birth care and guide interventions aimed at reducing the risk of caesarean birth.
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Study reveals surprising link between malnutrition and rising antibiotic resistance

A lack of crucial micronutrients may prime the gut microbiome for antibiotic resistance.
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