Brain & Mental Health

Since the 1950’s, UBC has been the site of groundbreaking discoveries in understanding, diagnosing and treating a number of brain disorders and diseases. It is also home to Canada’s largest integrated research and treatment facility – the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health.

Today, more than 500 researchers continue to be at the forefront of brain research, pioneering their work around mental health and addictions, dementia, and movement disorders.

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UBC researchers receive $3.4M to address brain injuries in survivors of intimate partner violence

New research aims to improve how brain injuries are diagnosed and treated in survivors of intimate partner violence.
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Unravelling the link between pesticide exposure and Parkinson’s disease

New UBC research illuminates how genetics and pesticide exposure intersect to contribute to Parkinson’s disease risk.
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New guidelines for depression care emphasize patient-centred approach

UBC researchers led an update to the world’s most widely used clinical guidelines for managing major depression.
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Young people at the centre of the toxic drug poisoning crisis

A new book by UBC’s Dr. Danya Fast traces the experiences of young people who use drugs in Vancouver amidst a public health overdose emergency.
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UBC researchers launch clinical trial exploring CBD for bipolar depression

The first-of-its-kind clinical trial will explore whether CBD can help manage acute bipolar depression alongside primary courses of treatment.
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‘Landmark’ study projects 187% increase in people living with dementia in Canada by 2050

New report stresses need to work collaboratively toward equity, diversity and inclusion in dementia research, prevention and care.
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‘Smart glove’ can boost hand mobility of stroke patients

A new washable wireless smart textile developed at UBC aims to improve patient rehabilitation following a stroke.
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New process for screening old urine samples reveals previously undetected ‘designer drugs’

UBC researchers have developed a more efficient way of identifying designer drugs circulating in the community.
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Genetic testing could greatly benefit patients with depression, save health system millions

Pharmacogenomic testing aims to match patients with medications that are more likely to be effective based on an individual’s genetic profile.
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Why neurons die from brain injury, and how we could save them

New UBC research sheds light on what causes brain cells to die following stroke and traumatic brain injury.
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