Brain & Mental Health

Since the 1950’s, UBC has been the site of groundbreaking discoveries in understanding, diagnosing and treating a number of brain disorders and diseases. It is also home to Canada’s largest integrated research and treatment facility – the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health.

Today, more than 500 researchers continue to be at the forefront of brain research, pioneering their work around mental health and addictions, dementia, and movement disorders.

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Light therapy holds promise for people with bipolar disorder

Dr. Raymond Lam explains the growing body of research in this area.
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New study first to show rerouting patterns in the brain post-concussion

Researchers found alternative pathways by which the brain was redirecting information in those who were recently concussed.
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Guideline supports people living with alcohol addiction

The guideline aims to bridge the significant research-to-practice gap in this field.
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Patients with mood, anxiety disorders share abnormalities in brain’s control circuit

The regions of the brain are involved in emotional and cognitive control.
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Sophia Frangou appointed UBC President’s Excellence Chair in Brain Health

Her research focuses on uncovering pathophysiological processes underlying psychosis, with emphasis on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
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Scientists find possible prenatal origin for Alzheimer disease

Newly discovered gene function may reduce cell death in Alzheimer disease and Down syndrome, according to research led by Weihong Song.
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Science says when kids participate in team-based extracurricular activities, they have better mental health

Extracurricular activities that nurture a sense of belonging with peers appear to bolster preteen’s mental health.
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Anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum more prevalent than previously thought

Nichole Fairbrother discusses perinatal and postpartum anxiety, and why there is a need for improved screening.
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Scientists edge closer to root causes of multiple sclerosis

Researchers led by Carles Vilariño-Güell found mutations in 12 genes believed to be largely responsible for the onset of MS.
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Microglial ‘fingers’ probe dense brain structures in health and disease

New UBC research expands our understanding of the brain’s immune cells.
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