Cannabis use could help people stay on treatment for opioid addiction
September 20, 2018Daily use of cannabis was associated with a 21 per cent higher chance of remaining in opioid agonist treatment programs. Read More >

Hardwired for laziness? Tests show the human brain must work hard to avoid sloth
September 18, 2018Moving avatars toward pictures of physical activity required volunteers' brains to work harder. Read More >

More specialized harm reduction services needed for women who use drugs
September 12, 2018Some overdose prevention sites are perceived as "masculine" spaces. Read More >

HPV vaccine shows higher failure rate in girls or women living with HIV
September 11, 2018Researchers compared health outcomes of a group of vaccinated Canadian women and girls with HIV with a previously-studied cohort of vaccinated women and girls without HIV. Read More >

Rare but recurring mutations discovered in ER-positive breast cancer
September 4, 2018The uncommon mutations were associated with early relapse and death, and thus stand out as therapeutic targets. Read More >

Concussions loosen insulation around brain cells
September 4, 2018The loosening was detected two weeks post-concussion, when the players said they felt fine and were deemed ready to play. Read More >

Even the fittest middle-aged athletes can’t outrun cardiovascular risk factors
August 31, 2018UBC researchers found significant cardiovascular disease in 11 per cent of masters athletes -- individuals aged 35 and older who do moderate to vigorous physical activity at least three days a week. Read More >

Hot yoga can make an athlete’s heart more efficient
August 29, 2018A "slingshot effect" explains why athletes' plasma volumes increased after several days of hot yoga. Read More >

Gut enzymes could hold key to producing universal blood
August 27, 2018The researchers, including Jay Kizhakkedathu, sampled DNA from millions of microorganisms found in environmental samples—a technique known as metagenomics. Read More >

Back to School
August 22, 2018Meet some of our new and returning students for 2018 and discover just a few of the ways that our learners are transforming health for everyone. Read More >

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