NFL gives significant funding to help youth ‘shred’ the burden of concussion
November 15, 2018UBC researchers involved in groundbreaking pan-Canadian research program Read More >

People recently released from prison face challenges in accessing medical care
November 13, 2018People who disclose that they have recently been released from prison are significantly less likely to be offered an appointment when seeking care from a family doctor Read More >

Novel discovery could lead to new cancer, autoimmune disease therapy
November 7, 2018International research project co-led by UBC Canada 150 Research Chair. Read More >

Models of care
November 5, 2018UBC medical students learn about family practice in the Canadian Forces. Read More >

Pedestrian fatalities increase on Halloween, particularly among children
October 30, 2018Researchers found that the most dangerous time for pedestrians on Halloween was between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Read More >

At least one year between pregnancies reduces risks for mother and baby
October 29, 2018Researchers found that getting pregnant less than a year after delivery is associated with risks for women of all ages. Read More >

Teen girls did not engage in riskier sexual activity after HPV vaccine introduced in schools
October 15, 2018Researchers find that teen girls did not engage in riskier sexual activity after HPV vaccine introduced in schools. Read More >

Setting the stage for mental health care
October 10, 2018New UBC program shows medical students the benefits of pursuing a career in psychiatry. Read More >

UBC researchers find gene signature that predicts outcome after spinal cord injury
October 5, 2018The authors, including MD/PhD students, integrated data from decades of small-scale studies using a systems biology approach. Read More >

Lowering levels of Huntington disease-causing protein restores cognitive function in mice
October 3, 2018After receiving pieces of DNA called antisense oligonucleotides, the mice also became less anxious and depressed. Read More >

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