Study finds lack of racial diversity in cancer drug clinical trials
August 16, 2019New research led by Jonathan Loree found a lack of racial and ethnic diversity in clinical trials for cancer drugs. Read More >

Dr. Edmond S. Chan receives 2019 Robyn Allen Leadership Award
August 15, 2019Dr. Chan recognized for his unique contribution to the lives of Canadians with food allergy. Read More >

Susan Forwell wins national award in occupational therapy
August 15, 2019She was awarded the Muriel Driver Memorial Lectureship Award, the highest honour bestowed upon an occupational therapist in Canada. Read More >

Six UBC-led projects supported by Collaborative Health Research Projects program
August 9, 2019Megan Levings is among the UBC researchers awarded funding for collaborative health research. Read More >

Pain medications linked to higher cardiovascular risks in patients with osteoarthritis
August 7, 2019Those with osteoarthritis in the study sample had a 23 per cent higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Read More >

“Gold standard” food allergy test faces implementation barriers, but solutions possible
August 1, 2019New study concludes that oral food challenge procedure faces multiple barriers preventing its widespread implementation. Read More >

High insulin production may contribute to pancreatic cancer
August 1, 2019Led by PhD student Anni Zhang, UBC study is first to demonstrate a causal link between high insulin levels and pancreatic cancer. Read More >

UBC researchers help find solutions to the overdose crisis
July 30, 2019Every day at UBC, researchers are conducting research to gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving the overdose crisis and to determine potential solutions. Read More >

Faculty of medicine researchers receive Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research awards
July 24, 2019The researchers have received 2019 Scholar and Research Trainee Awards. Read More >

Anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum more prevalent than previously thought
July 23, 2019Nichole Fairbrother discusses perinatal and postpartum anxiety, and why there is a need for improved screening. Read More >

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