Celebrating Clinical Faculty

Meet some of the many UBC clinical faculty members who are training and inspiring the next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals, while simultaneously delivering exceptional care for patients and communities across British Columbia.

  • Odion Kalaci

    Odion Kalaci

    Dr. Kalaci explains why mentoring learners renews his passion for pediatrics, and how he carries the Faculty’s values through his patient interactions.

  • Kaila Holtz

    Kaila Holtz

    Dr. Holtz shares her journey from softball to medicine, and the importance of making time for her passions.

  • Gord McInnes

    Gord McInnes

    Dr. McInnes reveals how his passion for teaching started, and what he has learned from more than two decades as a clinical faculty member.

  • Disha Mehta

    Disha Mehta

    Dr. Mehta shares her best advice for students, and how she likes to recharge.

  • Erin Brown

    Erin Brown

    Dr. Brown shares how learners can still surprise him, and the best teaching advice he’s received.

  • Lauren MacHattie

    Lauren MacHattie

    Lauren explains what she loves about teaching in the midwifery program, and how she likes to recharge.

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