Advisory Council

The Clinical Faculty Advisory Council advises the Dean on matters related to Clinical Faculty members. It is a forum to engage representatives of the Clinical Faculty community from across the province and across Faculty of Medicine programs to enhance the vital partnership between Clinical Faculty and the Faculty of Medicine. It provides a multi-way communication forum, facilitates interprofessional collaboration, and assists the Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs function through advice to the Director, Clinical Faculty Affairs.

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  • Chaired by Director, Clinical Faculty Affairs
  • Meets approximately every two months during the academic year
  • Members should report on committee activities at departmental meetings
  • Working groups focused on topics, as needed


  • Twenty elected department/school representatives
  • Two Department Head representatives from clinically-oriented departments
  • One member from each of the Island Medical Program, Northern Medical Program, Southern Medical Program, and Vancouver Fraser Medical Program
  • Executive Director, Faculty Affairs

Current Members

Director, Clinical Faculty AffairsAlexis Davis
Managing Director, Faculty of MedicineShanda Jordan Gaetz
Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics (Dept.)Dr. Bali Dhaliwal
Audiology & Speech Sciences (School)Nicole Hewamudalige
Clinical Department HeadDr. Robert Petrella
Dermatology & Skin ScienceDr. Monica Li
Emergency Medicine (Dept.)Dr. David Migneault
Family Practice (Dept.)Dr. Alister Frayne
Midwifery Program (Dept. of Family Practice)Kate Blake
Medical Genetics (Dept.)Dr. Cornelius Boerkoel
Medical Genetics (Genetic Counsellor)Stephanie Kieffer (Guest)
Medicine (Dept.)Dr. Emily Lai
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Dept.)Dr. Nadia Branco
Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy (Dept.)Sarah Sinanan
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (Dept.)Dr. Dennis Bhui
Orthopaedics (Dept.)Vacant
Pathology (Dept.)Dr. Sophia Park
Pediatrics (Dept.)Dr. Gabriella Horvath
Physical Therapy (Dept.)Marc Rizzardo
Psychiatry (Dept.)Dr. Joseph Tham
Population and Public Health (School)Dr. Kenneth Fung
Radiology (Dept.)Dr. Ren Yuan
Surgery (Dept.)Dr. George Chang
Urologic Sciences (Dept.)Dr. Justin Lee
Island Medical ProgramDr. Bruce Wright & Dr. Sam Stewart
Northern Medical ProgramDr. Denise Mackey
Southern Medical ProgramDr. Sarah Brears & Lisa Wyness
Vancouver – Fraser Medical ProgramDr. Cary Cuncic