Through innovative research on cancer treatment and prevention, members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine are attacking cancer on several fronts. Building from a rich tradition of discovery science, our people and partners are taking hold of new technologies and are exploring new areas of research to advance knowledge and improve care.

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Putting Canada at the forefront of precision medicine

Sriram Subramaniam joins UBC as the Gobind Khorana Canada Excellence Research Chair in Precision Cancer Drug Design.
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Dr. Connie Eaves awarded the 2019 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award

Dr. Eaves recognized as one of the most creative and accomplished biomedical scientists advancing solutions to problems facing humanity around the world.
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Translating research to treat prostate cancer

Dr. Martin Gleave leads a team of cancer researchers at the Vancouver Prostate Centre.
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Low-cost ‘cancer probe’ could spot deadly melanoma early

The laser probe can distinguish between harmless moles and cancerous ones in a matter of seconds.
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New tumour test could guide personalized treatment for children with cancer

Scientists at UBC and BC Children’s Hospital are the first in Canada to use a new test for pediatric tumour analysis.
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Bringing a new cancer drug to market

Two decades ago, Poul Sorensen made a discovery that would lead to the development of a cancer drug that shrinks many different kinds of tumours.
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Novel discovery could lead to new cancer, autoimmune disease therapy

International research project co-led by UBC Canada 150 Research Chair.
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Rare but recurring mutations discovered in ER-positive breast cancer

The uncommon mutations were associated with early relapse and death, and thus stand out as therapeutic targets.
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UBC bestows national prizes on Canadian health science pioneers

Andrew Krahn, Bruce McManus, Kullervo Hynynen and Martin Gleave are being honoured for their accomplishments in heart health, brain health and cancer.
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HPV test better than Pap test at detecting cervical precancer

A study of 19,000 women in British Columbia showed that the HPV test finds precancer sooner.
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