Through innovative research on cancer treatment and prevention, members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine are attacking cancer on several fronts. Building from a rich tradition of discovery science, our people and partners are taking hold of new technologies and are exploring new areas of research to advance knowledge and improve care.

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Research builds a healing community

How a study about the effectiveness of exercise for women with breast cancer created a vibrant support network.
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Potentially avoidable breast cancer surgeries carry big costs

Clinical Assistant Professor Chris Baliski finds Canada's re-operation rates are adding $2 million a year to B.C.'s health care spending.
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Donors vote for UBC’s Philipp Lange in grant competition

Dr. Lange (far left) and his team are exploring unique proteins in leukemia to find more effective and less harmful treatments for children.
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UBC-Vancouver Coastal Health researchers find gene linked to growth of aggressive prostate cancer

The discovery could be key to stopping a type of cancer that occurs in men undergoing androgen deprivation treatment.
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The pursuit of new ideas in cancer research

UBC researcher Connie Eaves talks about her interest in cancer research, what she hopes to accomplish in 10 years and her reaction to being awarded the 2016 Dr. Chew Wei Memorial Prize.
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