Population Health

With a central focus on patient-centred care and innovative solutions, UBC researchers are committed to improving the health of our communities and access to care – both nationally and globally.

Together with our partners, our researchers are breaking down barriers to care and exploring further treatment and preventative initiatives in areas such as HIV/AIDS, HPV and addictions.

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A decades-long science experiment, with 300,000 volunteers

The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow, co-led by UBC's Trevor Dummer, is amassing a huge data set in the search for disease-causing patterns.
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New online resource seeks to prevent sports injuries

Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics Shelina Babul was co-leader of the project.
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Vancouver part of multi-million-dollar Healthy Cities project

Vancouver and four other cities will be examined for ways to reduce health inequities through better development and service delivery.
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Midwifery linked to better birth outcomes in state-by-state “report card”

States with higher midwifery integration, like Washington and Oregon, generally had better results,
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Study finds that Canadians giving up food, heat to pay for prescription drugs

8.2 per cent of those who received a prescription in 2016 did not take medication as prescribed because of the cost,
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Indigenous people face higher risk of transportation injuries in B.C.

Overall hospitalization rates for transport injuries in B.C. declined by more than two-thirds between 1991 and 2010.
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Older patients and families could pay the price of slowing healthcare spending

Spending on medications, hospitals trending up in B.C., while spending on nursing homes down significantly
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Study finds no added risk for home births in rural areas

The results are good news, since midwife-assisted home birth could play a big role in extending maternal health care to rural areas.
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Women’s weight associated with pregnancy complications

The observational study, led by Assistant Professor Sarka Lisonkova and published in JAMA, followed 743,630 women in Washington State between 2004 and 2013.
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Drug costs vary by more than 600% in study of 10 high-income countries

Canadians spent an estimated $2.3 billion more than the average of the nine comparator countries.
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