Population Health

With a central focus on patient-centred care and innovative solutions, UBC researchers are committed to improving the health of our communities and access to care – both nationally and globally.

Together with our partners, our researchers are breaking down barriers to care and exploring further treatment and preventative initiatives in areas such as HIV/AIDS, HPV and addictions.

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Study finds no added risk for home births in rural areas

The results are good news, since midwife-assisted home birth could play a big role in extending maternal health care to rural areas.
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Women’s weight associated with pregnancy complications

The observational study, led by Assistant Professor Sarka Lisonkova and published in JAMA, followed 743,630 women in Washington State between 2004 and 2013.
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Drug costs vary by more than 600% in study of 10 high-income countries

Canadians spent an estimated $2.3 billion more than the average of the nine comparator countries.
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Guiding women through pregnancy, via text message

SmartMom, Canada’s first prenatal education program delivered by text messaging, was developed by a team led by UBC's Patricia Janssen.
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UBC study confirms that two doses of HPV vaccine provide long-lasting protection

Published in JAMA, it was the longest examination of the vaccine's most widely-used version.
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Tool launched to help parents allow ‘risky play’

Mariana Brussoni and colleagues launched an online tool to help parents change their approach to outdoor play.
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Consumer behaviour causing premature deaths from air pollution

SPPH Professor Michael Brauer, co-author of a new air pollution study, explains the cross-border impacts of air pollution.
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UBC study suggests that HIV therapy could be contributing to syphilis outbreak

Despite evidence that HIV therapy lowers immunity to syphillis, researchers say it is still vital for people to continue to using HIV therapy.
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The best way to prevent peanut allergies? Feeding your infant peanut-based foods early

The recommendations come from an official U.S. expert panel that included UBC's Edmond Chan.
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