Heart & Lung Health

UBC researchers are fast becoming international leaders in understanding and eliminating heart and lung diseases.

In collaboration with international partners in healthcare and government, our researchers are crossing divisional and departmental boundaries to develop tests, biomarkers and clinical therapies that will predict, treat and cure two of the world’s leading causes of death.

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Asthma medication adherence would have dramatic effect on health costs

90 per cent of asthma patients have asthma that could be controlled, but only 25 to 30 per cent of patients are managing their condition properly.
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COPD could overwhelm healthcare systems within two decades

Mohsen Sadatsafavi's findings contradict the widespread assumption that the decline in smoking is making COPD a disease of the past.
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UBC demonstrates benefits of new monoclonal antibody for asthma

Injections of benralizumab, made by AstraZeneca, led to direct, rapid and near-complete depletion of a type of white blood cell that control the mechanism associated with allergy and asthma.
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Synthetic heart valves will help doctors improve surgical skills

A UBC invention co-led by Guy Fradet, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery has made it possible for doctors to vastly improve their bypass surgery techniques without relying on animals.
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