Chronic Diseases

UBC is playing a key role in understanding and preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. With a commitment to evidence-based practice, our researchers are generating new knowledge that is reshaping how we treat and manage complex diseases.

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Potential new diabetes treatment gets tryout in Vancouver

Type 1 diabetes patients are being implanted with packets of pancreatic cells derived from stem cells, with the goal of restoring their insulin production.
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UBC contributes to international hunt for asthma genes

Denise Daley led the Canadian arm of the study, which found five new genes associated with the condition.
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UBC launches program to advance chronic disease research

Based at UBC Okanagan, the interdisciplinary team will explore how physical activity and nutrition can affect various chronic conditions.
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UBC dominates national competition for stem cell funding

Tim Kieffer, who specializes in stem-cell therapies for diabetes, is involved in four of the projects.
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How peer support can offer long-term help for people with diabetes

UBC Associate Professor Tricia Tang talks about her interest in diabetes research, the launch of the SPACE project and how peer support can help people living with diabetes.
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Discovery offers hope for new Crohn’s disease treatment

Scientists at UBC have made a discovery that could potentially lead to treatments for a debilitating complication of Crohn’s disease.
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UBC leads effort to improve treatment of diabetic retinal disease

David Maberley hopes to create diagnostic nodes in several small rural hospitals.
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