Deadline: February 15, 2024 [4:00 pm PST]. Applications now closed.

Supervisors are encouraged to use the FoM SSRP application process as a learning opportunity and to work with their student partners to complete all aspects of the application package. Mentoring students through the grant application process will help them learn the components of a strong funding application – an essential skill for an individual pursuing a career involving research. The FoM SSRP adjudication process is very competitive and thus it is to the team’s advantage to submit the strongest possible application.


  • Supervisors must:
    • Have a current faculty appointment in the FoM at UBC (includes affiliate appointments) at the rank of Instructor or higher (including clinical). Note that applications from individuals holding a rank within the instructor or clinical stream will require Departmental sign off. See consent form or FoM SSRP FAQ for details.  Please contact fom.ssrp [at] for additional information.
  • Projects must:
    • Involve active student participation in the proposed study,
    • Be based on a clear and testable research question or hypothesis, and
    • Have operating funds in place to cover all research expenses (if applicable). The FoM SSRP Award only provides a student stipend; supervisors are responsible for all other expenses.
  • Student partners must:
    • Be currently registered UBC students in either the MD undergraduate program or a direct entry non-MD undergraduate program at the time of application. Nursing and Dentistry students are not eligible.
    • Be in good academic standing and  must have a minimum GPA/rank of 75%.
    • See the Students page for detailed student eligibility guidelines.

Important Considerations

  • Conflict of Interest Policy – Applications where the student partner is a related person of the supervisor must declare this at time of application. As no academic assessment is conducted as part of the FoM SSRP, related applicants are not precluded from the competition nor is this a consideration during the adjudication process.
  • Awards for MD and non-MD applicants are adjudicated separately.
  • Funding for FoM SSRP projects comes from a variety of sources, each with its own set of requirements and restrictions. As a result, the type of student partner you apply with and the area of research you are conducting may influence your chances of funding success. Supervisors are encouraged to review the funding section for information on historical FoM SSRP funding and details of the funding used to support FoM SSRP projects.
  • MD and non-MD students may have different scheduling restrictions. Students and supervisors are encouraged to discuss project expectations, schedules and timelines in advance of agreeing to work together.  For summer 2024, Yr 3 MD students have a short summer break and thus we will be offering special 4 week FoM SSRP awards to this cohort only. The FoM SSRP funding period must occur between June 1-August 31st, but the 8 (or 4 if applicable) weeks of funding need not be consecutive.

Application Process

Note that FoM SSRP Application packages must be submitted by a student-supervisor team as one application. The FoM SSRP program does not match students with supervisors and thus supervisors are responsible for identifying a student partner well in advance of the application deadline. However, supervisors can opt to post their projects on the FoM SSRP website to assist in their search for a student partner. It is important to note that supervisors can only be named as a primary supervisor on one application with one student partner.

STEP 1: Find a student partner
  • If you already have a student partner skip to step 2.
  • If you have not yet identified a student for your FoM SSRP project you may wish to post your project on our website (click here to see where) to help you connect with interested students. Note that students and supervisors can connect via any means and using the FoM SSRP website is optional.
  • To post your project online, email a completed Project Posting form to (fom.ssrp [at] by January 26, 2024 (suggested deadline)
  • Projects will be posted on the FoM SSRP website for students to review and interested students will contact you. The method used to select a student partner is left to your discretion. Note that completed application packages from student-supervisor teams must be submitted by 4:00 PM on February 15, 2024 and thus we encourage supervisors to submit projects for posting as early as possible.
  • Please inform us once you have found a student partner so we can remove your project posting from the website.
  • Supervisors may submit more than one project for posting on the website; however only one application per supervisor will be accepted for the competition and put forward for adjudication. Supervisors cannot submit multiple application forms with different student partners. Multiple applications from the same supervisor will be disqualified.
STEP 2: Submit an application with your student partner
  • If you have already identified a student for your FoM SSRP project work with your student partner to complete and submit the online application.
  • If you have already identified a student partner your project does NOT have to be posted on the website.
  • Note that each supervisor may only submit one FoM SSRP application. Multiple applications from the same primary supervisor will be disqualified.
  • Students are no longer required to submit transcripts in the application package. Student grades will still be used in the evaluation process for non-MD students, but they will be obtained internally. The Application Form asks applicants to give consent for their grades to be accessed. For details on how grades will be used please see the Adjudication page. Do not include letters of reference, CVs or any additional documentation with your SSRP application.

Click here for FoM SSRP APPLICATION submission instructions.

DEADLINE: A complete application package must be submitted via the online application system by February 15, 2024 at 4:00 PST. Applications now closed. 

STEP 3A: If your application is not successful:
  • Applicants will be contacted in early May with the results of the adjudication process. As we cannot confirm the program funding until this time, we are unable to confirm FoM SSRP placements at an earlier date.
  • Unfortunately, due to limited funding, many excellent projects are unable to be funded each year. On average the program is only able to fund ~50% of the applications it receives. Supervisors are encouraged to discuss what will happen if their FoM SSRP application is not successful with their student partners well in advance of the application period.
STEP 3B: If your application is successful:
  • Applicants will be contacted in early May with the results of the adjudication process. As we cannot confirm the program funding until this time, we are unable to confirm FoM SSRP placements at an earlier date.
  • Successful student applicants will receive their stipend through the Student Services Centre (SSC). Payment will be handled by the FoM Dean Office. No additional paperwork is required from project supervisors to initiate payment.
  • The FoM SSRP will also purchase student accident insurance for all successful awardees for the duration of their FoM SSRP placement.
  • Supervisors will receive a request (via email) to complete a brief online program evaluation and a short Project Impact Questionnaire at the conclusion of the FoM SSRP placement.
  • Students will be required to complete a brief project summary report and their own online evaluation at the completion of their studentship. Students receiving funding from specific sources may also be required to complete additional documentation required by the funding agency. Additional details will be sent to successful applicants via email.

More questions?

Please visit the FoM SSRP FAQ for the answers to commonly asked questions.