FoM NSERC USRA 2020 Info Session
Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (4:45-5:15pm PST)
LSC 1312 or via videoconference
View slides from the session here
Recording (starts at 2:40)

Deadline: February 27, 2020 [11:59 pm]

Would you like to get some research experience in an academic setting?

If you are an undergraduate student with an interest in working on research and development projects at a University, you may be eligible to apply for an Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA). The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) subsidizes eligible professors to hire students on their research projects, thereby creating interesting research-related jobs and giving you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Please note that applicants to the FoM competition must have completed 2 terms of university studies as of the application deadline.

How do you find USRA positions in the Faculty of Medicine?

Try to create your own research opportunity by contacting eligible professors you would like to work with and tell them about this program. Many professors will be happy to talk to you about the opportunity to hire you at a subsidized wage. See our Student Research website for tips on how to contact a supervisor.

Who is eligible to be an NSERC USRA supervisor?

Current holders of active NSERC, CRC, or CERC grants are eligible to act as NSERC USRA supervisors. Here is the list of eligible FoM supervisors for 2020. A supervisor may submit only one NSERC USRA application to the Faculty of Medicine competition each year. Additionally, as co-investigators of eligible grants are not counted in our quota of awards, they may only apply instead of the principal investigator on their grant.

Consideration may also be given to supervisors who applied to the NSERC Discovery Grant fall 2019 competition, at the discretion of the FoM Faculty Coordinator. Please send your completed Form 202-Part II to us at fom.nserc.usra@ubc.ca by February 24, 2020 for confirmation.

Potential supervisors must ensure that their proposed project is eligible for NSERC funding by referring to NSERC’s eligibility guidelines.

Program Guidelines

Complete Information about the NSERC-USRA is available at:

UBC Student Services Website
NSERC Website
Detailed information for students (PDF)
Detailed information for supervisors (PDF)
List of subject codes: NSERC – Research Subject Codes for Scholarships and Fellowships (PDF)
List of eligible FoM supervisors for 2020
Common Errors checklist (PDF)

**Applicants to the FoM competition must have completed 2 terms of university studies as of the application deadline**

Application Process

Deadline for Applications to the Faculty of Medicine: February 27, 2020

We use an electronic submission process for the internal ranking of the applications submitted through our Faculty. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Find a student/supervisor partner. Applications are submitted by student-supervisor teams.
  2. Student-supervisor teams work together to complete NSERC’s application on the NSERC portal.
    • DO NOT “submit to LO”. Successful applicants will be directed to complete this step after their application has been checked for errors by the FoM Faculty Coordinator.
    • The review process will be blind so do not use names or gender specific pronouns in the Outline of proposed research or Outline of student’s role sections.
  3. Download a PDF copy of your application from the NSERC portal (includes form 202-I, 202-II and student transcripts). Name this file Student Last Name, First Name – NSERC application files. Signatures are not required as part of your FoM application.
  4. Complete the Excel GPA_template  to calculate the student’s GPA for all post-secondary courses. Name this file as Student Last Name, First Name.
  5. Review the Common Errors checklist – marks are subtracted for errors.
  6. Complete the FoM NSERC USRA application on the FoM NSERC USRA submission portal.
    • The additional information requested is required for processing of your application.
    • Upload all files when requested. Ensure you use the naming conventions requested above.
  7. You will receive an automatic email confirming your submission.

FoM NSERC USRA submission portal

If you have read all of the above material, and you still have questions, please contact your Faculty Coordinator (Dr. Deborah Giaschi) or the FoM NSERC USRA support team at fom.nserc.usra@ubc.ca.