Previously Funded MRPM Projects

Project Title Primary Supervisor Primary Supervisor FoM Department, Division Co-Supervisor Co-Supervisor Department/ School (Faculty) Postgrad Student Advisor Students Keywords
Non-invasive neuromodulation for treatment of autonomic dysfunctions after spinal cord injury Dr. Andrei Krassioukov Medicine, Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Tania Lam School of Kinesiology (Faculty of Education) Rahul Sachdeva Ali Hosseinzadeh, Tamila Kalimullina & Marco Law spinal cord injury, transcutaneous stimulation, non-invasive, bowel, autonomic
Woodsmoke exposure-on-a-chip Dr. Chris Carlsten Medicine, Respiratory Medicine Dr. Karen Cheung School of Biomedical Engineering (Faculty of Applied Science) Min Hyung Ryu & Tanya Bennet Bora Jin & Hana Zhang air pollution, airway disease, wildfire, microfluidics, lung-on-a-chip
A biomaterials-based platform coupled with drug delivery to induce nerve repair after spinal cord injury Dr. Dena Shahriari Department of Orthopaedics Dr. Wolfram Tetzlaff Department of Zoology (Faculty of Science) Shahriar Shalileh Adan Moallemi & Nadine Truter Nerve regeneration, nerve repair, drug delivery, biomaterials, spinal cord injury
Development of universal/stealth red blood cells by novel cell surface engineering methods Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Dr. Stephen Withers Department of Chemistry (Faculty of Science) Haisel Moon Waris Bhatia & Aanisah Golam Universal Blood, Stealth RBCs, Cell surface engineering, ECO-RBC, Polysialic acid
Biomedical Ophthalmic Imaging of the Retina and Ex Vivo Validation of Cell Degeneration in Mouse Models of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Dr. Joanne Matsubara Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Dr. Myeong Jin Ju Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and School of Biomedical Engineering (Faculty of Applied Science) Manjosh Uppal Grace Hu & Jacob Ng blood-retinal barrier, granzyme B, adaptive optics, eye imaging, retina
Three-dimensional, microscale in vitro model for studying axon growth Dr. Karen Cheung School of Biomedical Engineering Dr. John Madden Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (Faculty of Applied Science) Tanya Bennet Michelle Ling, Noah Stewart & Lily Yang biomaterials, axon regeneration, 3D cell culture, microfabrication
Establishing a data processing pipeline using artificial intelligence to capture human kinematic data: DeepLabCut as a markerless motion capture system Dr. Lara Boyd Department of Physical Therapy Dr. Nicola Hodges School of Kinesiology (Faculty of Education) Sarah Kraeutner Sowmya Gopalakrishnan, Fatemeh Khounsarian & Devyani McLaren Movement tracking, machine learning, motor learning, human kinematics, artificial intelligence
Measuring balance deficits in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) Dr. Michael Berger Medicine, ICORD Dr. Mark Carpenter School of Kinesiology (Faculty of Education) Kyle Missen Angus Chan & Kai Leong chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, balance, falls, autoimmune, concurrent validity
Cellular and molecular biomarkers to predict vaccine responses in newborns Dr. Scott Tebbutt Medicine, Respiratory Medicine Dr. Gabriela Cohen Freue Department of Statistics (Faculty of Science) Abhinav Checkervarty William Gervasio, Emili Gubskaya & Madison Hung Vaccines; newborns; multi-omics; statistics; data visualization
Host signalling as target for TB therpaeutics Dr. Yossef Av-Gay Medicine, Infectious Diseases Dr. Elitza Tocheva Department of Microbiology and Immunology (Faculty of Science) Leah Rankine-Willson Hasti Haghdadi & Hana Rahili Tuberculosis, Phagosome acidification, Macrophages, Drug development