Q. How can I submit my application?
A. Please submit an online application. Upload the signed Student-Supervisor Agreement as part of the application when prompted.

Q. Is there a separate application form that my supervisor needs to fill out?
A. No, there is only one application. The application contains fields for you to provide information on the student, supervisor and project. It can be filled out by the student, the supervisor, another study team member (e.g. research assistant) or a combination of people.

Q. Can the online application be completed in multiple sittings?
A. Yes. You can return to your in-progress application using the email address that was provided during the initial registration step.

Q. If I uploaded my signed Student-Supervisor Agreement (as requested), do I also need to drop off the original?
A. No.

Q. Can I get an extension on the deadline?
A. No, the deadline posted on the Faculty of Medicine website is firm.

Q. Do I need to include bibliographic references in my application?
A. No, including bibliographic references is not expected or required. If you wish to do so, they must fit into the allotted space and must not contain any names or other identifiers as specified in the guidelines for all written sections. E.g. use Nature 11(2) 2016 not Name et al. Nature 11(2) 2016.

Q. Do I have to apply for one of the projects listed on the website?
A. No, students may contact a supervisor directly to arrange a project. See Find a Supervisor.

Q. If I have arranged a project with a supervisor, do we need to post our project description online?
A. No. Online posting is simply a means to help students and supervisors connect. If a team has connected via other methods, this step is unnecessary.

Q: What confirmations will I receive after I submit my application?
A: Following submission of the online application, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to the student email address, supervisor email address, and up to one additional email address chosen by the applicant. 1-2 weeks after the application deadline, we will notify student applicants, via email, if their application has been deemed eligible to be forwarded to the review committee.

Please note that academic eligibility is not assessed at this time – we will reach out to applicants individually if there are any concerns with their academic eligibility (i.e. GPA for non-MD students or academic standing for MD students). We recommend applicants who are unsure of their academic eligibility (e.g. non-MD student with GPA potentially <75%) contact us prior to the application deadline; we can do individual confirmations in advance if needed.

Q. Can I submit FoM SSRP applications with two different supervisors?
A. No. Applications are restricted to one per individual, this includes both students and supervisors. Multiple applications from the same student will be disqualified and not be put forward for adjudication.

Q. Can I submit FoM SSRP applications for two different projects with two different students?
A. No. Applications are restricted to one per individual. This includes both students and supervisors. Multiple applications listing the same primary supervisor will be disqualified and not put forward for adjudication. Note that this restriction does not apply to project collaborators and you may be listed as a collaborator or co-supervisor on more than one project.

Q: As a student, can I jointly apply with another student to complete one project together under one supervisor?
A: No. Each FoM SSRP application can only be from one student and one supervisor as each application is for a single award for a single student. We do not accept applications with multiple student partners. If this is a collaborative project between two (or more) researchers, each supervisor could apply separately with a different student for the same project (as long as each application clearly outlines a specific role for each individual student).

Q. When will the successful applicants be announced?
A. We generally announce funding decisions in early May. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified. Please note that we strive to make funding announcements as early as possible but much of the funding used for the FoM SSRP is not confirmed until late April or early May (i.e. after the start of the fiscal year).

Q. Can I start my project in May or continue it in September?
A. The eligible funding period will be specified each year (generally ~June 1st to August 31st). Early start dates cannot be accommodated as we are unable to confirm the program funding, and late end dates cannot be accommodated due to funding constraints.

Students can work with their supervisor on a volunteer basis outside of the FoM SSRP funding period, but if you plan to start your project early on a volunteer basis, please let the FoM Student Research & Education Coordinator know as soon as possible. If you are starting your project well in advance of the notification period, your supervisor may need to purchase Volunteer Accident Insurance on your behalf for that time period (cost ~$7/yr). The insurance provided by FoM SSRP is good until April 30th the following year so you are still covered if your project extends after the funding period ends.

Q. What if my project start date changes after I submit my application?
A. Please indicate approximate project dates on your application. If your project dates change once your application has been submitted, that is fine as long as your project still occurs during the eligible funding period. Please inform the FoM Student Research & Education Coordinator of the updated project dates during the award acceptance process (if your application is successful).

Q. I am applying for 8 weeks of FoM SSRP funding, but will be going away some time during the summer. Do the 8 weeks of funding need to be continuous?
A. No, the 8 weeks of FoM SSRP funding do not need to be continuous. You and your proposed supervisor just need to agree upon a feasible, modified schedule that will equal to 8 weeks of full-time during the eligible funding period (generally June 1 – August 31, exact dates vary each year).

Q. I’m not a UBC student. Can I still apply?
A. No. This competition is only open to currently registered UBC students.

Q. I am a part-time student at UBC. Am I eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. Please email fom.ssrp [at] ubc [dot] ca to discuss your eligibility. Please include your graded credit course load over the previous 4 winter terms as well.

Q. I am an international student at UBC. Am I eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. Yes, currently registered UBC international students are eligible to apply.

Q. I am an Unclassified student at UBC. Am I eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. No. The FoM SSRP is paid as an award and due to UBC award regulations unclassified students are no longer eligible for this program.

Q. I am in Science One and do not receive my grades until the end of term 2, am I still eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. Yes, Science One students are eligible for the FoM SSRP. Please refer to the Transcripts, Grades, and GPA Evaluations section below for further information.

Q. I'm in the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science Program (BMLSc) or the Bachelor of Midwifery Program (BMW) or the Pharm-D program, am I eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. Yes, undergraduate students in the BMLSc program or BMW or Pharm-D program are eligible for the FoM SSRP. Other eligible undergraduate students include those in direct-entry program in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Arts, etc.

Q. I am in the UBC-BCIT joint Honours in Biotechnology program, am I eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. Most likely, we have had eligible applicants from this program in past years but please contact us at fom.ssrp [at] ubc [dot] ca to confirm your eligibility. Please include your student number and confirm that we have your permission to look at your registration record in the body of the email.

Q. Can I hold a FoM SSRP award during a Co-op placement?
A. No. Due to the way in which the FoM SSRP awards are awarded and administered it is not possible to hold a FoM SSRP award as part of a co-op placement except in unusual or extenuating circumstances, and with the approval of your co-op coordinator.

Q. Can I hold a FoM SSRP and another summer studentship at the same time?

A. No, FoM SSRP is a full-time commitment and you may not hold two concurrent summer studentships. If you apply for and receive multiple summer studentships, you must decline your FoM SSRP award or the other summer studentship award(s). Knowingly accepting multiple summer studentships that overlap with one-another without prior approval constitutes academic misconduct, and may jeopardize future funding opportunities and applications with the Faculty of Medicine.

Q. I am in the MD/PhD program, am I eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. No, MD/PhD students are classified as graduate students and as such, they are not eligible for the FoM SSRP.

Q. I'm a non-MD undergraduate student graduating in May, am I eligible to apply to the FoM SSRP?
A. Yes, non-MD undergraduate students are eligible to hold a FoM SSRP award in the semester immediately following graduation, as they will still be registered UBC students at the time of application.

Q: I would like to apply to the FoM SSRP with a project that is a continuation of a FLEX research project. Is this allowed, and how might it be viewed by the adjudication committee?
A: Applications to the FoM SSRP for projects that are continuations of existing projects are accepted, and are not judged differently from new projects. The key is to clarify what will be accomplished within the project specifically during the FoM SSRP funding period.

Q. What is the role of the supervisor? Who is eligible?
A. The role of a supervisor is to mentor and support students in fulfilling their proposed research project. The primary supervisor needs to have a UBC Faculty of Medicine appointment (can be affiliate appointments) at the rank of Instructor or higher (i.e. Instructor, Senior Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Clinical Instructor, Assistant Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, Clinical Professor, Professor of Teaching).

Someone else, including post-doctoral research fellows and graduate students, can also be involved in the day-to-day direct supervision of the student, as long as the primary supervisor (as named on the application form) is also involved in the student’s project and mentoring.

Q. Why do applications from Instructors require the Department Head or School Director's signature?
A. Given that the Instructor stream may not necessarily include research/scholarly activity, we are requesting that applicants with Instructor-stream appointments have their applications signed by their Department Head or School Director (or alternate designated signing authority) as indicated in the FoM signing authority list. Alternatively, for the purposes of this application only, faculty members at the distributed campuses (IMP, NMP, SMP) can opt to have their applications signed by a designated local representative instead of their Department Head/School Director. Please contact fom.ssrp [at] ubc [dot] ca for the name(s) of alternate signatories at your location.

Q. My supervisor is an Instructor and received their Department Head or School Director’s signature in previous years/with other student awardees. Do they still need another signature?
A. Yes, the FoM Office of Research requires the additional signature from all instructor-stream applicants regardless of previous approvals.

Q. Who reviews the applications? Can I contact them?
A. All applications are adjudicated by an adjudication committee comprised of faculty members from the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Each application is evaluated by multiple reviewers. Applicants cannot contact the adjudication committee in order to keep the competition as fair as possible to all participants.

Q. How many applications are received?
A. Approximately 200 applications are received (both MD and non-MD undergraduate students combined) for this competition. There is no guarantee that your application will be funded.

Q. How are applications evaluated?
A. For information on the adjudication criteria please visit the adjudication section of the website.

Q: What can I do to improve my chance of receiving an award?
A. To improve your chances of receiving an award, please read and apply our Tips for writing a strong FoM SSRP application.

Q. Are 4-week projects and 8-week projects adjudicated together?
A. No. 4-week and 8-week projects will be adjudicated separately.

Q. I’m a non-MD undergraduate student in my first year at UBC, what are my chances of getting funded?
A. The FoM SSRP does not currently give preference to upper level students (years 3+). Based on previous FoM SSRP competition data, there do not appear to be any differences in funding success rates for any year of study. However, few applications are received from first/second year students and this analysis is based on very limited data. You are encouraged to apply regardless if you are a first or second year student.

Q. If I received a FoM SSRP summer studentship in the past, am I guaranteed to receive one this year?
A. Funding is not guaranteed, even if you have been awarded an FoM SSRP summer studentship in the past. All applications are subject to the same adjudication process.

Q. How many projects will be funded?
A. The number of projects funded varies based on the number of applications received and the available funding. On average ~50% of the projects receive funding, and the FoM SSRP funds an average of 65 MD student projects and 40 non-MD student projects per year. In addition, the availability of funding for specific research areas varies from year to year. For additional information on historical application and funding information, please visit the funding section.

Q. Do all applications have the same chance of being funded?
A. No, not necessarily. The FoM SSRP uses a variety of different funding sources to fund projects. Each of these funding sources has its own set of requirements and restrictions. For example, some funding sources stipulate that they must be distributed only to MD students while other funding sources are restricted to specific research areas. Consequently, the funding success rates vary for different types of students (MD versus non-MD) and different areas of research. Note that we do have lots of general funding available as well.
For additional information on the various funding sources used to support the FoM SSRP, please visit the funding section of the website.

Q. I am a Year 3 MD student, how can I apply for 8 weeks of FoM SSRP funding when we only have a ~4 week summer break?
A. We offer Year 3 MD students the opportunity to apply for 4 weeks of funding. The application form is the same, but 4-week projects will be adjudicated separately from 8-week projects.

Q. Can non-MD students or Year 1 MD students apply for 4 weeks of FoM SSRP funding?
A. No. 4-week projects are restricted to Year 3 MD students. There are no exceptions.

Q. If I have applied for a FoM SSRP award, can I apply to other sources for funding as well?
A. Yes, we encourage you to apply to other competitions as the FoM SSRP is a competition and funding is not guaranteed; however, funding for the award period can only be held from one source. Additional weeks or months of work before/after the award period may be funded by the lab or agency associated with the project using alternate sources.

Q. Can I hold a FoM SSRP award during a Co-op placement?
A. No. Due to the way in which the FoM SSRP awards are awarded and administered it is not possible to hold a FoM SSRP award as part of a co-op placement.

Q. I have other funding for part of the summer; can I reduce my 8-week FoM SSRP to less than 8 weeks?
A. No.

Q. What is the percentage grade cut-off for funding?
A. Non-MD students must have a minimum 75% average in their best 24 graded credits earned over the previous 2 winter terms (tbd and 2020W1). This is consistent with UBC guidelines because FoM SSRP is awarded as a scholarship.

Q. What grades will be included in the evaluation process?
A. For information on the adjudication criteria please visit the adjudication section of the website.

Q. Which academic terms will be considered in the GPA calculation?
A. The GPA calculation will include the best 24 graded credits from two academic terms. We will determining how to best move forward with GPA calculations when considering the adverse impacts of COVID-19 on students at a later date.

2021W Term 2 (Jan-Apr 2022) grades are not included because the term ends after the FoM SSRP application deadline. The GPA calculation does not typically include grades from any summer sessions, part-time terms, co-op terms, and courses taken for Cr/D/Fail.

First year and transfer students with fewer than 24 credits completed at UBC by the application deadline will evaluated based on all grades currently available on SSC, as well as any interim grades. In some cases, we may ask for transcripts from your previous institution.

As outlined on the website, the onus is on the student to provide any grades not available from the SSC/Student Information System (e.g. interim grades, students doing joint degrees with other institutions etc.).

Q. Do I need to submit interim grades for a two-term course that I’m currently taking?
Non-MD applicants with less than 24 completed credits at UBC (generally first year and transfer students) are required to provide interim grades for courses that last for both terms 1 and 2.

Other students taking classes that last for both terms 1 and 2 can provide us with interim grades for Term 1 if they wish for these grades to be included in their GPA calculation.

As outlined on the website, the onus is on the student to provide any grades not available from the SSC/Student Information System (e.g. interim grades, students doing joint degrees with other institutions etc.). Interim grades must be provided prior to the application deadline.

Q. Do I have to submit transcripts with my application?
A. No. We use the Student Information System (SIS) to access student grades. Students are asked to consent to this process on the FoM SSRP application form.

Students in non-standard programs where grades will not be available within their SSC Grades Summary should contact the FoM SSRP coordinator directly (at fom.ssrp [at] ubc [dot] ca) to make arrangements to obtain grades via other channels in advance of the deadline.

Q. I am in Science One or the UBC-BCIT Joint Honours Biotechnology program, how do I submit my grades?
A. There is an established process in place to obtain and submit your interim grades. Please contact us at fom.ssrp [at] ubc [dot] ca for details.

Q. How will I receive the award?
A. The award will be disbursed as a scholarship through SSC. See the Funding page (Award Payment Process) for further information.

Q. If a student/supervisor team is awarded a FoM SSRP summer studentship and the student decides to pursue another opportunity, can the supervisor recommend another student in their place?
A. No, the adjudication committee ranks each project based on the project description as well as the applying student. To be fair to all involved, both students and supervisors should ensure that they are committed to a project prior to submitting your application. This commitment is outlined in the Student-Supervisor Agreement.

Q. What if my project title or the scope of my project has changed after I received an award?
A. Email us at fom.ssrp [at] as soon as possible to discuss the proposed changes.

Q. What if my question still isn’t answered?
A. Applicants are encouraged to contact fom.ssrp [at] ubc [dot] ca with their questions.