Application Deadline: February 15, 2024 [4:00 pm]. Applications now closed. 

Supervisors - If you have yet to identify a student partner for your FoM SSRP project you may submit a completed Project Posting form for posting on the FoM SSRP website. Interested students will be able to view your project description and contact you. It is your responsibility to select an appropriate student partner for your FoM SSRP application. Faculty members who wish to post their projects on the FoM SSRP website are encouraged to submit a completed Project Posting form to fom.ssrp  [at]  ubc  [dot]  ca. If you have already identified a student partner you do not need to complete or submit a Project Posting form.

2024 FoM SSRP Project Posting form (MS Word format - .docx)
If you are having difficulties using the fields in the above form you can disable "form mode" by going to Review>Restrict Editing and clicking on "Stop protection" or contact the Student Research & Education Coordinator for assistance.

Previous FoM SSRP applicants are encouraged to review the application form, application guidelines for students and supervisors, and adjudication criteria carefully as they may have changed from previous FoM SSRP competitions.

2024 FoM SSRP Submission Instructions (and list of application questions for reference)
2024 FoM SSRP Application
2024 SSRP Student-Supervisor Agreement (PDF)
How to create a digital signature in Adobe (optional - if you want to digitally sign your student-supervisor agreement)
Tips on writing a strong FoM SSRP application

You will be prompted to include your signed student-supervisor agreement as part of the online application. Please keep file size to a minimum.

Applications must be submitted via the online application system by 4:00 pm February 15, 2024. Applications now closed. 

*Please note that although students are no longer required to submit transcripts, grades will still be used as part of the assessment process for non-MD students; grades will now be obtained internally.

FoM SSRP students are required to complete a brief project summary (~1-2 pages) at the conclusion of their FoM SSRP term.

2023 FoM SSRP Project Summary template
Due: September 13, 2024

Please note that project summaries should be written for a non-academic audience. Guidance notes have been provided directly on the summary template and the following examples may provide some additional suggestions for students unsure of how to prepare their summary for a non-academic audience. If you have additional questions related to completing your summary please contact the Student Research & Education Coordinator.

FoM SSRP Project Summary - Example 1
FoM SSRP Project Summary - Example 2
FoM SSRP Project Summary - Example 3

Both students and supervisors will also be asked to complete brief online evaluation and project impact surveys. Details and survey links will be emailed to FoM SSRP recipients in July.