Funding for FoM Summer Student Research Program projects is provided from a variety of sources managed by the Faculty of Medicine. Note that all projects will automatically be considered for all applicable funding sources.

Previous FoM SSRP Awardees

The FoM SSRP is only able to fund ~50% of the project applications we receive each year, consequently, we encourage you to apply to other student research programs in order to maximize your funding chances. However, please note that UBC policies do not allow students to hold award funding from multiple sources concurrently (if both awards are meant to support full time work); thus if the FoM SSRP application is successful, no other funds can be held for the duration of the 4 or 8 week FoM SSRP period.


  • Yr 1 MD students: $3,200 for 8 weeks of full-time work.
  • Yr 3 MD students: $1,600 for 4 weeks of full time work*
  • Non-MD students: $2,800 for 8 weeks of full-time work.

*Yr 3 MD students ONLY can apply for 4 weeks of funding. This is to accommodate the reduced summer break for this cohort.

The 8 (or 4 if applicable) weeks of funding must occur between ~June 1 and August 31st (exact dates vary each year) but the 8 weeks need not be consecutive.

Information for Awardees

Awardees will receive an award notification email from the FoM SSRP office in late April or early May. Award offers are done on a rolling basis. Instructions on how to accept or decline the FoM SSRP award will be provided in the notification email.

Award payments are processed by UBC Student Financial Assistance and Awards. They will email awardees directly to accept the award funds via their SSC account. Award emails and payments may occur anytime during the month of June - payment processing can take several weeks so we cannot provide an exact date. If you have not received an email from Student Financial Assistance and Awards by the end of June, please contact the FoM SSRP office.

  • Awardees will receive a series of emails from Student Financial Assistance and Awards: an initial email asking them to accept the award, followed by a second email with a legal agreement, and finally a third email to inform them once their awards funds are available.
  • The default payment method to receive award funds is via cheque. Awardees can change their preferred payment method to direct deposit on SSC.
    To confirm your payment preferences log into SSC then go to: Finances > Awards & Financial Assistance.
  • Confirm your preferences ASAP to ensure they are in place before payments are processed.
  • View the FAQ on SSC if you are unsure how to set up direct deposit.
  • Cheques will not be issued if you do not have direct deposit set up on your account. This money will stay on your account for future tuition payment. If you would like awards to be paid out you need to select the direct deposit payment method on your SSC account.
  • A T4A tax slip will be available for download from SSC; they are usually posted in February each year.

*Note: Award funds received are applied to any outstanding tuition balance or fees on your UBC account before the balance is paid out.

For insurance purposes the earliest start date for FoM SSRP funding is June 1st. If you are a non-MD student working on your project earlier (as a volunteer), confirm that your supervisor has arranged student/volunteer accident insurance on your behalf. All MD students already have this insurance in place.

The FoM SSRP will purchase Student Accident Insurance for non-MD student awardees but it will not go into effect until June 1st. It is NOT retroactive. For additional information on student accident insurance please see the preparation section of our website.

Q: Can I accept the FoM SSRP award in addition to another summer research award?

A: UBC regulations do not permit students to hold two major awards concurrently thus students who have already accepted other awards for the FoM SSRP funding period must decline the FoM SSRP (a major award is generally one that assumes a full time, or similar, commitment). Awardees are welcome to list declined awards on their CV as “declined” should they wish to do so. However, the FoM SSRP does not have any restrictions on holding consecutive awards (i.e. one award is held after the other with no overlap in award dates), but other summer programs may have restrictions on consecutive awards.

If you think you may be eligible to hold consecutive awards please contact the FoM SSRP office ASAP to discuss your situation and confirm your eligibility. Contravening UBC regulations (for example by holding concurrent major awards) is viewed as a form of academic misconduct, so individuals thinking of accepting two awards are encouraged to confirm if the awards qualify as consecutive with the FoM SSRP office.

Q: Can my supervisor top up my award from their grant funds or other sources?

A: Yes, the restriction outlined above is specifically for award funds. A supervisor may elect to pay the student additional funds from their existing research grants. This is not handled by the FoM SSRP coordinators and the departmental or unit HR representative will be best positioned to provide advice on what type of appointment would be most appropriate.

Q: What if I cannot meet the acceptance deadline?

A: If you are unable to accept or decline your award by the deadline provided in your notification email, please contact the FoM SSRP office prior to the deadline to discuss alternate arrangements.

Q: I am an MD student, do I have to register my FoM SSRP project as an extracurricular activity using the MDUP extracurricular activity registration form?

A: No, we will register all funded FoM SSRP projects on your behalf. Unfunded projects, or those funded by other grants, should be registered via the usual process.

Funding Sources

Please note that the availability of specific funding sources may vary from year to year. This page will continue to be updated throughout the application period as funding sources for the current year are confirmed.

  • Albert & Mary Steiner Summer Research Award: To support medical research projects conducted by undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine (e.g. MD students, Bachelor of Midwifery students and Bachelor of Laboratory Science students).
  • BC Cancer Surgery Network Awards - To support MD student projects in the field of surgical oncology. (1 award available) Support of $400/week will be provided for up to 10 weeks.
  • Faculty of Medicine MD Undergraduate Program funding: To support MD student medical research projects.
  • Florence E. Heighway Summer Research Award: To support MD student medical research projects.
  • Mach-Gaensslen Foundation of Canada Award: To support MD student research projects in the areas of cardiology, oncology or psychiatry.
  • Cecil D. & Clarabel C. Morris Research Fund in Medicine: To support research in neurology and research in pulmonary, cardiac and rheumatoid diseases.
  • Elise May Hogg Fund: To support heart research.
  • J.D. Jones Estate: To support research into cardiovascular diseases.
  • Kinsley Brotherton McLeod Endowment: To support research into diabetes.
  • Mary Hodson Estate for Medical Research: To support research in muscular dystrophy.
  • Violet B. Arnott Memorial Fund: To support medical research in psychiatry and pharmacy.
  • William & Ada Isabelle Steel Fund: To support research in areas where federal resources are not available, and in particular research into diseases of the kidney.
  • Anne S. Campbell Estate - To support medical research.
  • Carmen Crawford Browne Estate Fund for Medical Research: To support medical research.
  • Douglas Hodge Gilmore Estate: To support medical research.
  • Estate of Aileen Smith Medical Research Endowment Fund: To support medical research.
  • Florence & George Heighway Endowment Fund: To support medical research.
  • Thomas C. Bell Estate Medical Research Endowment Fund: To support medical research.
  • Willard S. Kitchen Memorial Research Fund: To support medical research.
  • Fraser Health Authority: To support projects conducted by clinicians affiliated with Fraser Health Authority.
  • Interior Health Authority: to support projects affiliated with Interior Health Authority.
  • Providence Health Care Research Institute: to support projects affiliated with the Providence Health Care Research Institute.
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute: to support projects affiliated with Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.
  • Island Health: to support projects affiliated with Vancouver Island Health Authority.
  • Women's Health Research Institute: to support projects conducted by junior faculty affiliated with Women's Health Research Institute.
  • Irene Money Studentship for Lung Cancer Research: to support lung cancer research.
  • Sheila Innis Studentship for Medical Research: to support projects in the area of nutrition or metabolism being conducted at BC Children's Hospital Research Institute.
  • Private donations: to support general medical research and/or projects in priority areas identified by the donor(s). Availability of funds varies from year to year.

The FoM Summer Student Research Program provides MD and non-MD undergraduate students with an opportunity to explore their interest in medical research by undertaking a project over the summer under the supervision of a principal investigator with an appointment in the Faculty of Medicine. The program is funded through the generous contributions of our donors and partners. If you are interested in making a gift to support student research, please contact Sabrina Ting, Development Officer in the Faculty of Medicine, at 604-827-4728 or by email at