Present & Publish

Find information on writing, presenting and publishing your work.

  • Authorship Guidelines for Students Involved in Research Projects - an overview of useful authorship guidelines
  • Protocol for publication of Student-Developed Educational Materials - Guidelines for students who wish to publish projects or materials on Entrada or on social media to comply with UBC policies
  • CRediT taxonomy for author contributions (currently offline) -  a taxonomy that can be used to describe each contributor’s specific contribution to a publication, or other scholarly output
  • Getting your research published - talk by Dr. John Oliffe (UBC School of Nursing) with tips and strategies for writing up research and getting it published.
  • PARINT Resources for Authors - Publishing Addiction Science Internationally (PARINT) has a comprehensive guide aimed at helping novice researchers in addiction science get published. The general advice is useful to novice researchers in any field and addresses choosing a journal, publishing qualitative research, responding to reviewers' reports, and common ethical issues among other topics.
  • cIRcle - UBC's openly accessible, digital repository for research and teaching materials. Students are welcome to submit.
  • UBC Medical Journal - a student-driven academic journal produced at UBC that welcomes articles in all areas of medicine.
  • BC Medical Journal - welcomes contributions from medical students and residents.
  • Undergraduate Research Journals - a list compiled by the US Council on Undergraduate Research.