Present & Publish

Find information on writing, presenting and publishing your work.

  • UBC Medical Journal - a student-driven academic journal produced at UBC that welcomes articles in all areas of medicine.
  • BC Medical Journal - welcomes contributions from medical students and residents.
  • Undergraduate Research Journals - a list compiled by the US Council on Undergraduate Research.
  • cIRcle - UBC's openly accessible, digital repository for research and teaching materials. Students are welcome to submit.
  • PARINT Resources for Authors - Publishing Addiction Science Internationally (PARINT) has a comprehensive guide aimed at helping novice researchers in addiction science get published. The general advice is useful to novice researchers in any field and addresses choosing a journal, publishing qualitative research, responding to reviewers' reports, and common ethical issues among other topics.
  • Getting your research published - talk by Dr. John Oliffe (UBC School of Nursing) with tips and strategies for writing up research and getting it published.
  • CRediT taxonomy for author contributions -  a taxonomy that can be used to describe each contributor’s specific contribution to a publication, or other scholarly output

  • How to Choose a Target Journal - article from Springer publishing.
  • PARINT - Chapter 2 from the PARINT Resources for Authors series focuses on selecting a journal for publication.
  • Factors to Consider in selecting a Journal for Publication - and other related resources compiled by Bernard Becker Medical Library.
  • Journal Matching tools - some publishers such as Elsevier and Springer offer journal matching tools that suggest journals based on your abstract or other submitted manuscript information. The biggest shortcoming is that each publisher only matches against their own catalogue of journals but it can be a useful starting point for further exploration.
  • Author Beware - an interesting article from Nature on predatory, open-access journals.