GPs should ask how far you walk, not what you weigh as it is more important to your health, say experts
July 6, 2012A new study published in The Lancet suggests GPs should ask all patients how far they walk because it is more important to their health than either weight or blood pressure. The authors believe that a lack of exercise leads to many cases of fatal cancers and heart disease.UBC professor Karim Khan, one of the […] Read More >

Province’s SAD summer to heat up in coming weeks
July 5, 2012Dr. Edwin Tam a psychiatrist at the Vancouver Coastal Health Mood Disorders centre at UBC Hospital and a clinical associate professor at UBC’s department of psychiatry, says that despite forecasted sun and warmer temperatures, those who suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may take a while to pull out of it.“A few days of weather won’t […] Read More >

July 2012
July 3, 2012Leadership Opportunities Available The Faculty is recruiting for several leadership positions, including new positions in the MD Undergraduate Program: Director of Assessment Director of Curriculum Director of Foundations of Medicine Assistant Dean, Fraser Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Northern Medical Program Other leadership positions in the Faculty of Medicine: Head, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics […] Read More >

Canadian family donates brains to UBC-led study
July 3, 2012An international research team led by human genetics researchers at UBC has identified an abnormal gene associated with typical late-onset Lewy body Parkinson’s disease.Twelve of the 57 members of the extended family who participated in the study had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.“A breakthrough like this would not be possible without their involvement and support. They […] Read More >

North’s medical situation improving
July 2, 2012Dr. David Snadden, executive associate dean of education for UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, says two trends in medical education are starting to benefit the health of communities in northern BC.First, the province is graduating more medical students than ever and Snadden foresees a saturation point in Vancouver and Victoria.The second is the push to build […] Read More >

Chemo brain study
June 27, 2012Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have long reported difficulties with memory and cognition throughout the treatment process, and following their recovery. But UBC researchers investigating “Chemo Brain” are making progress toward unraveling the mystery of this condition – and are finding that exercise may be helpful.“We haven’t looked at the results yet; we don’t like to […] Read More >

Spinal cord injuries no longer stopping men from becoming fathers
June 27, 2012Spinal cord injuries no longer stopping men from becoming fathers Technological advancements in the field of reproductive health and sexual stimulation have given many men who suffer from spinal cord injuries an opportunity to be fathers, which may not have existed 20 years ago. Men who live with paraplegia or quadriplegia, as a result of […] Read More >

Three new appointments to Faculty's education portfolio
June 27, 2012Paul Winwood becomes the Faculty's new Regional Associate Dean, Northern B.C. and UNBC's Vice Provost Medicine July 1. Read More >

Parkinson's gene identified with help of Mennonite family
June 27, 2012Medical Genetics Professor Matthew Farrer says the discovery helps unify past genetic discoveries about the disease. Read More >

Researchers show that stem cells can beat back diabetes
June 27, 2012Professor Tim Kieffer used human stem cell transplants to restore self-regulating insulin production in mice. Read More >

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