Easing the pain, or worsening it
May 20, 2012Sixty-three years after its commercial development, cortisone – the generic term for any injectable corticosteroid – remains a sports-medicine staple, its anti-inflammatory qualities often providing relief for athletes experiencing pain in their joints.Because the drug masks pain instead of addressing its root cause, some fear it encourages patients to overuse their tendon, risking additional damage. […] Read More >

Doctors decry sedating mentally ill
May 18, 2012Lives are being put at risk by British Columbia guidelines that require psychiatric patients to be heavily sedated before they are allowed on an air ambulance, according to several rural doctors who say the mentally ill are being stereotyped as dangerous.Paul Dagg, an associate professor of psychiatry at UBC, said the flaws in the policy, […] Read More >

The uphill push for a cure
May 16, 2012It has been 25 years since Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion tour. Hansen believes that a major breakthrough in treatment will come within 25 years. The Rick Hansen Foundation has thrown its weight behind the Spinal Cord Registry, the creation of spinal cord researcher and surgeon Dr. Marcel Dvorak, professor and head of the Academic […] Read More >

Weight-training may be panacea for aging brain
May 15, 2012Teresa Liu-Ambrose, a UBC researcher, has been conducting studies that suggest we should pay more attention to the effects of strength training on maintaining cognitive function. An earlier study by Liu-Ambrose was the first to establish that strength training even as rarely as once a week can significantly benefit brain functions in senior women.Her most […] Read More >

Poor health care, lack of social services why women reoffend
May 12, 2012For every 100 women released from a B.C. jail this year, 45 of them will be back behind bars next year.The vast majority of these women will not reoffend because they love committing crimes, says a unique study by UBC researchers titled Doing Time, but directly related to a lack of access to health care […] Read More >

Teva appoints Canadian genetics expert to head R&D
May 11, 2012Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. announced yesterday that Dr. Michael Hayden is joining the company as president of global R&D and chief scientific officer, based in Israel. In this new role, Dr. Michael Hayden will lead all Teva’s R&D. Dr. Hayden is currently Killam Professor of Medical Genetics at UBC, and Canada Research Chair in Human […] Read More >

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month
May 11, 2012In a letter to the editor, Dr. David Speert, Head of the Centre for Understanding and Preventing Infections in Children at UBC and B.C. Children’s Hospital, sheds light on cystic fibrosis, the most common life-threatening genetic disease affecting thousands of Canadians.When cystic fibrosis immune cells come into contact with certain bacterial pathogens, the two conspire […] Read More >

Studies of two drugs point to vision risks
May 11, 2012Mahyar Etminan, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, recently published two studies – one in JAMA, the other in the Canadian Medical Association Journal – about the ophthalmological side effects of two drugs: oral fluoroquinolones (a type of antibiotic) and oral bisphosphonates (used to treat osteoporosis). The study of fluoroquinolones, in the April […] Read More >

Oral progesterone may ease hot flushes
May 10, 2012Post-menopausal women may suffer fewer hot flushes and night sweats by taking the hormone progesterone, according to a new study. After 12 weeks of progesterone treatment, women who began the study with a daily average of seven hot flushes or night sweats reported having three fewer episodes each day. The study is the first to […] Read More >

Supportive housing improves safety for female sex workers
May 9, 2012Female sex workers living and operating in supportive-housing units have less adversarial relations with police, says a new study by researchers from UBC and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV-AIDS. Based on interviews with women living on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the study also found female sex workers living in the housing units were exposed […] Read More >

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