A cholesterol warning in the palm of your hand
November 1, 2012A hand-held device that can tell people whether they should head to their doctors for further cholesterol testing is being launched in Greater Vancouver this week. The PreVu checks for cholesterol buildup on the skin: High levels of cholesterol are risk factors for heart disease.“The correlation between skin and blood cholesterol is not perfect. Skin […] Read More >

UBC spin-off company ready to launch phone-based pulse oximeter
October 30, 2012The technology was developed by Mark Ansermino (left), in the Faculty of Medicine, and Guy Dumont, in Applied Science. Read More >

As life expectancy rises, society must prepare for aging masses
October 30, 2012A Vancouver Sun op/ed addresses the issues facing Canada’s aging population. Recently, the topic of Alzheimer’s disease was at the forefront of discussion at the 41st annual scientific and educational meetings of the Canadian Association on Gerontology (held in Vancouver Oct. 18-20).“Howard Feldman, a professor of neurology at UBC, lamented the disappointing clinical results of […] Read More >

Research: sudden cardiac death
October 30, 2012Exercise seems dangerous when young, healthy athletes collapse suddenly and die of cardiac arrest while playing sports. But a new study by researchers from UBC suggests that while it is a problem that warrants attention, don’t blame sport.Dr. Andrew Krahn and a team of researchers found there were 174 cases of presumed sudden death in […] Read More >

When a brain scan bears bad news
October 26, 2012Various studies have shown that as many as 20 per cent of MRI scans performed for research turn up things that seem abnormal but have nothing to do with the study, says Judy Illes, a neuroethicist at UBC. Called incidental findings, roughly 2 per cent of these abnormalities require urgent medical attention.In October, Illes gathered […] Read More >

Terry Fox Foundation supports UBC research into aggressive leukemia
October 19, 2012A team led by R. Keith Humphries, a Professor in the Division of Hematology, will receive $5.9 million over five years from the Terry Fox Foundation (TFF) to find new ways to treat aggressive forms of leukemia by rapidly creating and using laboratory-built models that mimic human acute leukemias. Dr. Humphries, the Director of the […] Read More >

A new leader for B.C. heart research and care
October 19, 2012Dr. Andrew Krahn, an expert on inherited arrhythmias, was welcomed as the new Head of the Division of Cardiology. Read More >

Roads with parked cars pose greatest risk for cyclists: UBC study
October 19, 2012Parked drivers failing to check what’s coming when opening their door are primarily liable for accidents described in a new UBC study as one of the greatest risks to cyclists.The study concluded that certain types of routes carry much lower risk of injury for cyclists. The greatest risk to cyclists is when they share major […] Read More >

How the first years of life get right under people’s skin
October 19, 2012Emerging scientific research is raising the question of whether adversity – in particular poverty – could change our most fundamental genetic characteristics, a process known as epigenetics.Professor Michael Kobor runs a laboratory at UBC where he is trying to unlock the secrets of how early life adversity influences our genes. A recent study, of more […] Read More >

Oversight plan is to keep tabs on estrogen
October 18, 2012Alberta announced plans Wednesday for an arms-length agency to collect and publish scientific measurements on pollutants across the province. The report will look at the damage done by the oil sands and female contraception.Women have been using birth control pills for 50 years and estrogen gets into the water system and stays there. At least […] Read More >

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