Maternity care program cut C-sections, hospital time
September 10, 2012Pregnant women in B.C. who participated in a special care program had fewer cesarean sections, shorter average hospital stays and higher breast-feeding rates than women who had standard care, researchers have found.In the South Community Birth Program, family doctors, midwives, public health nurses and doulas work together collaboratively to care for an ethnically diverse, low-income […] Read More >

Short shrift
September 8, 2012A small but significant number of generally healthy, short, young Canadians are undergoing growth hormone treatment in a bid to boost their stature. Some specialists argue the added height, however limited, bolsters confidence in an image-conscious world. Others say medicating youth imposes a daily burden on children who are not sick.Does gaining an average of […] Read More >

Combination of blood thinning drugs shown to be ineffective as stroke preventer
September 7, 2012Neurology Professor Oscar Benavente is leading a $66-million study aimed at preventing recurrences of small subcortical strokes. Read More >

Prescription database helps check use of addictive drugs: UBC research
September 4, 2012The study examined B.C.'s PharmaNet, which allows pharmacists to view the most recent 14 months of a patient's medication use. Read More >

September 2012
September 4, 2012Leadership Opportunities Available Director, International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD) Assistant Dean, MD Undergraduate Education, Fraser Director of Curriculum, MD Undergraduate Education Director, UBC Midwifery Program, Department of Family Practice Associate Dean, Health Professions Education Appointment Announcements Dr. Leigh Hunsinger appointed Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Northern Medical Program, effective August 1, 2012 to June 30, […] Read More >

Attracting small-town docs a challenge
August 29, 2012The federal government of Canada’s plan to forgive student debt for family doctors intending to practise in rural communities will help increase the pool of rural physicians but a larger suite of solutions is required, say educators and rural doctors.“I think every little bit helps, but I don’t think it will solve the problem,” says […] Read More >

Forget the scalpel, med schools use robots, video games to train new doctors
August 28, 2012Over the past few years, some Canadian medical schools have been using new technologies, including video games and robots, to teach the next generation of doctors. The tools are aimed at helping students become better doctors and improving patient care.At UBC, Dave Lampron, the director of MedIT, said the medical school has moved toward putting […] Read More >

Fears Paralympians with spinal injuries will self-harm in bid to boost their performance during the Games
August 23, 2012Athletes with spinal cord injuries competing at the Paralympics may harm themselves deliberately in their quest for medals, experts have warned.Competitors are known to have gone to extraordinary lengths in the past, including overfilling their bladder by fitting a catheter or even sticking pins into their testicles.The practice was banned by the International Paralympic Committee […] Read More >

Time to fight for universal Pharmacare
August 21, 2012In an op-ed, UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research researchers Steve Morgan and Jamie Daw say it’s time to fight for Pharmacare for all Canadians.Provincial drug plans cover only limited populations, such as seniors or social assistance recipients, or limited costs, they say. Private drug insurance is a perk not easily obtained by […] Read More >

UBC uses social media to educate you about Type 2 Diabetes
August 19, 2012Dr. Kendall Ho with the interCultural Online Health Network says some groups are more vulnerable than others. “In the Chinese and the South Asian communities, two of the highest ethnic populations in British Columbia, they have higher rates of diabetes, compared to the general population,” explains Dr. Ho. Doctors at UBC know the use of YouTube […] Read More >

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