Genes and immune system shaped by childhood poverty, stress
October 18, 2012Research led by Michael Kobor, Associate Professor of Medical Genetics, examined a process called DNA methylation. Read More >

Premenstrual mood symptoms questioned
October 18, 2012A University of Toronto neuroscience team searched the medical literature for scientific evidence of PMS but couldn’t find it. So they did their own study in 19 healthy women to confirm their findings. After 1.5 cycles over 42 days, the researchers still couldn’t find a pattern of PMS. UBC researcher Jerilynn Prior followed 62 women over […] Read More >

Some MS patients experience “natural” improvements in disability: UBC-VCH research
October 17, 2012Prof. Helen Tremlett led the first study to quantify improvements in patients who are not taking immunomodulatory drugs. Read More >

Mastectomy patients have options on surgery day
October 16, 2012Plastic surgeons want to get the message out that combining a mastectomy and breast reconstruction in one operation is an option for women who are otherwise healthy, don’t smoke and are not overweight.Dr. Peter Lennox, the head of the UBC’s breast reconstruction program, explained that more than 90 per cent of all Canadian women who […] Read More >

Canadian gynecologists help curb cervical cancer deaths in Uganda
October 15, 2012Thousands of women in Uganda die a painful death each year from cervical cancer. Members of the Gynecologic Oncologists of Canada are donating their own money and time to bring 14 doctors from Africa and India to observe their work here in Canada. The goal is to train the foreign doctors to give radical hysterectomies […] Read More >

Terry fox foundation gives $5.9 million to leukemia researchers in Vancouver
October 12, 2012Researchers at the Vancouver-based BC Cancer Agency have received $5.9 million from the Terry Fox Foundation to study treatments for aggressive forms of leukemia. The money will fund five senior researchers and their teams for five years.Connie Eaves, a cancer agency scientist and professor of medical genetics at UBC, is one of those researchers. Their […] Read More >

Dr. Martin Gleave – $10M Dream Team member studying advanced prostate cancer
October 11, 2012Led by the Distinguished Professor of Urologic Sciences, the Vancouver Prostate Centre is the only Canadian site on team. Read More >

Program will keep kids on their toes
October 10, 2012The Participaction network launched the organization’s Bring Back Play program in Vancouver on Tuesday in hopes of urging parents to encourage their children to get outside and play. The Bring Back Play Funmobile that will visit 26 B.C. communities during October and November.Heather McKay, assistant professor in UBC’s School of Human Kinetics, said she supports […] Read More >

Maternal depression affects language development in babies
October 9, 2012Co-authored by Tim Oberlander, Professor in the Dept. of Pediatrics, the study is among the first of its kind. Read More >

Why, in a sea of pink, are so many cancer patients in the red?
October 9, 2012Steve Morgan, an associate professor and associate director of the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research at UBC, writes about medicare in Canada.“Cancer patients often need prescription drugs after they leave the hospital. These drugs control nausea and pain; in some cases, they are an active part of the chemotherapy. The problem is that […] Read More >

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