Comparing notes on diabetes – across countries and cultures
April 19, 2012Faculty of Medicine physicians and researchers traveled to Guangzhou, China in March to participate in a bi-national workshop on diabetes, in partnership with the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The panel discussion, “Diabetes Prevention and Management: Exploratory Workshop through Western and Eastern Medicine,” explored the prevention and treatment of diabetes through the lenses of […] Read More >

UBC-CFRI team receives funding to predict adverse effects of childhood cancer treatments
April 18, 2012A team led by Kirk Schultz, Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, has received $4.3 million in funding. Read More >

An international collaboration targets a rare cancer
April 18, 2012Privately-funded collaborative includes Torsten Nielsen, Associate Professor in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. Read More >

UBC-BC Cancer Agency team reveals the diversity of breast cancer
April 18, 2012The study, co-led by Sam Aparicio, Professor in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, could advance treatments. Read More >

UBC researchers explore cognitive impairment and medication adherence in MS patients
April 17, 2012Martin McKeown, Professor in the Division of Neurology, will co-lead a collaborative study with Parkinson's researchers. Read More >

Ignoring chronic hepatitis B treatment costly, specialist says
April 17, 2012It would cost B.C. less to pay for expensive medication than to let chronic hepatitis B carriers end up in intensive care, says a Vancouver specialist. Anti-viral drugs cost between $5 and $22 per day but the price is far lower than ignoring the condition, which can lead to hospital stays running into millions of […] Read More >

Province announces education improvements for University Hospital of Northern British Columbia
April 17, 2012The Province is moving ahead with planning for improvements to education facilities to support medical training at University Hospital of Northern British Columbia (UHNBC), as part of Budget 2012. The improvements include a library and lecture space to enable small- and large-group learning for students and residents in the Northern Medical Program, a partnership created […] Read More >

Julio Montaner
April 10, 2012UBC professor Dr. Julio Montaner came to Canada in 1981 fresh out of medical school. Now he is one of the top AIDS researchers in the world. He helped create a triple drug therapy that is now the standard treatment for HIV and he is president of the International AIDS Society. Montaner is calling on […] Read More >

Scientists say genetic map may help in battle against deadly breast cancer
April 5, 2012Scientists say they’ve made an unexpected discovery that will help doctors personalize treatment for one of the deadliest forms of breast cancer. A team of researchers in British Columbia, Alberta, the United States and the U.K. mapped the genetic profile of what’s called triple-negative breast cancer. The 59 scientists involved in the study expected to […] Read More >

UBC scientists reveal a breast cancer’s insidious evolution
April 4, 2012Faculty of Medicine researchers have decoded the genetic make-up of triple negative breast cancer, which could lead to more effective treatment. The study, published online April 4 in the journal Nature, reveals that this form of cancer is not one distinct single entity, but an extremely complex and evolved tumour with an unprecedented range of […] Read More >

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