Studies of two drugs point to vision risks
May 11, 2012Mahyar Etminan, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, recently published two studies – one in JAMA, the other in the Canadian Medical Association Journal – about the ophthalmological side effects of two drugs: oral fluoroquinolones (a type of antibiotic) and oral bisphosphonates (used to treat osteoporosis). The study of fluoroquinolones, in the April […] Read More >

Oral progesterone may ease hot flushes
May 10, 2012Post-menopausal women may suffer fewer hot flushes and night sweats by taking the hormone progesterone, according to a new study. After 12 weeks of progesterone treatment, women who began the study with a daily average of seven hot flushes or night sweats reported having three fewer episodes each day. The study is the first to […] Read More >

Supportive housing improves safety for female sex workers
May 9, 2012Female sex workers living and operating in supportive-housing units have less adversarial relations with police, says a new study by researchers from UBC and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV-AIDS. Based on interviews with women living on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the study also found female sex workers living in the housing units were exposed […] Read More >

Brain-wasting: Neurodegenerative diseases
May 9, 2012Researcher in the U.K. believe they have unlocked the mechanism that kills neurons in the brain – this discover could eventually be useful for treating neurodegenerative diseases like Alzeimer’s or Parkinson’s. Neil Cashman, professor of neurology at UBC, is in Amsterdam attending the International Prion Conference. He explains the findings of the U.K. study on […] Read More >

H1N1 discovery paves way for universal flu vaccine
May 9, 2012UBC researchers found that the “swine flu” vaccine triggers antibodies that protect against many influenza viruses. Read More >

B.C.’s privatization of seniors’ care raises concerns
May 8, 2012Private contractors are now providing the largest share of residential care for B.C. seniors, and that’s raising concerns about the influence the pursuit of profit plays in the management of our rapidly aging population. Margaret McGregor, a family doctor and clinical associate professor at UBC’s Family Practice Department, says the majority of the research shows […] Read More >

Canada researchers find clues to a universal flu vaccine
May 8, 2012UBC researchers have found more clues that may help lead to the creation of a universal flu vaccine. Researchers discovered that the vaccine given against “swine flu,” or the 2009 H1N1 variety, triggered a series of antibodies that protect against many other types of flu. These antibodies are effective because they bind to the stem […] Read More >

Do your homework before getting ‘a little work’ done
May 7, 2012More than 2,000 plastic surgeons from around the world are now in Vancouver for the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Regional tastes affect the industry, notes dermatologist and UBC instructor Dr. Shannon Humphrey. She says she’s seeing growth in non-surgical treatments, a combination of risk-aversion and individual concepts of beauty. […] Read More >

Unusual form of arthritis took five years to diagnose
May 7, 2012Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation of the spine. AS is an autoimmune disease, where the body’s immune system becomes confused and begins to attack the spine. Despite affecting between 150,000 and 300,000 Canadians, AS is still widely misunderstood. Dr. Barry Koehler, a clinical professor of rheumatology at UBC, said AS […] Read More >

How a 73-year-old stroke victim is using Canadian research to retrain his brain
May 7, 2012Paralysis, memory loss, garbled speech, life can be hell for stroke survivors. But cutting-edge brain research may one day help them to regain some of their lost skills and could even help us all learn more rapidly. Lara Boyd is a researcher at UBC who studies the brain’s capacity to learn. A child’s brain can […] Read More >

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