Arsenic and old toenails
June 6, 2014In his quest to figure out cancer, health geographer Trevor Dummer helped assemble the world’s largest collection of toenail clippings. Read More >

“If you keep hating, it eats away at you”
June 3, 2014Senior Instructor Hanh Huynh introduces UBC medical students to Vietnam, the country he fled 34 years ago. Read More >

Therapeutics Initiative highlights potential harms from statins
May 28, 2014As use of the cholesterol-lowering drugs surges, the UBC group warns that side effects may outweigh the potential benefit for many people. Read More >

Discoverer of immune cell receptor wins UBC cancer prize
May 28, 2014Tak Wah Mak, of the University of Toronto, will receive the inaugural Dr. Chew Wei Memorial Prize in Cancer Research. Read More >

‘Sticky synapses’ can impair new memories by holding on to old ones
May 26, 2014UBC researchers have discovered that so-called ‘sticky synapses’ in the brain can impair new learning by excessively hard-wiring old memories and inhibiting our ability to adapt to our changing environment. Read More >

Pop-ups and close-ups
May 22, 2014To prevent cognitive overload, Claudia Krebs dissected neuroanatomy -- and radically reassembled it. Read More >

UBC plays prominent role in Canada’s premier medical education conference
May 16, 2014This year, 135 members of the UBC community were co-authors and/or presenters on 71 peer-reviewed presentations. Read More >

Polio setback
May 15, 2014UBC’s Richard Lester discusses why polio was declared a global health emergency and how to eradicate it once and for all. Read More >

A centesimal celebration
May 15, 2014Two of the Faculty of Medicine's newest programs, Midwifery and Genetic Counselling, each awarded their 100th diplomas this year. Read More >

UBC scientists find new way to mobilize immune system against viruses
May 12, 2014UBC scientists have uncovered an intricate chain reaction in the body’s immune system and have used the new knowledge to develop an effective treatment against harmful viruses such as the coronavirus that caused the deadly SARS outbreak in 2002. Read More >

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