The Path to Residency
August 14, 2013A new interactive website provides information for International Medical Graduates wanting to train and practice in British Columbia. Read More >

The gut’s “peace-keeper”
August 9, 2013The protein SIGIRR, by supressing the immune response, maintains a delicate balance between our resident microorganisms and invading pathogens, keeping the latter in check. Read More >

A disturbing health portrait of single-room occupancy tenants
August 9, 2013The study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, show that two-thirds of residents suffered from an average of three illnesses simultaneously. Read More >

Resident researchers
August 8, 2013Karine Khatchadourian, in the Department of Pediatrics, is one of many UBC residents who have added to medical knowledge while still in training. Read More >

“Eye soccer” reveals possible cause for schizophrenia symptoms
July 29, 2013Why do so many schizophrenia patients have trouble with everyday tasks? They might not be able to generate -- or properly use -- an "efference copy." Read More >

Pioneers in deep brain stimulation and heart failure win Margolese Prizes from UBC
July 26, 2013The winners of the 2013 prizes (L-R): Andres Lozano and Peter Liu. Read More >

Urban abortion, rural abortion — a study in contrasts
July 25, 2013The study by Assistant Professor Wendy Norman found that rural women are more likely to undergo the procedure in operating rooms, under general anesthesia. Read More >

Q&A on medical ethics
July 23, 2013Prof. Anita Ho talks about end of life care, unproven therapies and the difficulty with TV’s portrayal of medicine. Read More >

Blanket? Check. Car Seat? Check. Poop colour chart? Huh?
July 22, 2013To speed the diagnosis of a fatal liver condition in infants, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Rick Schreiber led an effort to distribute stool colour cards to parents of all B.C. newborns. Read More >

Hippo pathway to better cancer treatment?
July 11, 2013Colby Zaph, in the Biomedical Research Centre, discovered that loss of the Set7 ennzyme results in cell growth and larger organs. Read More >

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