UBC lauds pioneers in heart failure and brain imaging
August 20, 2014Cardiologist Paul Armstrong and neuroscientist Alan Evans have won the Margolese National Prizes in Heart and Brain Disorders from the Faculty of Medicine. Read More >

Antibiotics may play a role in boosting immunity
August 18, 2014Professor Kelly McNagny leads a research that aims to help scientists understand how different antibiotics affect bacteria that play a positive role in promoting a healthy immune system. Read More >

Stronger drunk driving law leads to safer roads
August 14, 2014B.C.'s harsher penalties led to an estimated 84 fewer fatal crashes, according to research led by Jeffrey Brubacher, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine. Read More >

B.C. and U.S. support expansion of UBC’s addiction research and training
August 6, 2014The $5.5 million will help train more addiction specialists and support clinical trials. Read More >

Coastal community partnerships enrich residency training for new doctors
August 5, 2014Jessica Palmer is part of the first cohort of eight Coastal family practice residents. Read More >

Opening doors for new physicians in B.C.’s Interior
August 5, 2014Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops is one of two new training sites for medical residents in B.C.'s Interior. Read More >

A “broken barrier” theory of ALS
July 31, 2014Associate Professor Christopher Loewen has discovered a biochemical method cells use to internally compartmentalize themselves. Read More >

A young girl’s rare disease may provide clues to the genetic causes of obesity
July 30, 2014Associate Professor William Gibson is leading a study that finds obesity in a young girl is due to a rare genetic mutation. Read More >

UBC develops test to ensure effectiveness of new Hep C drug
July 29, 2014Associate Professor Richard Harrigan is leading the effort to screen for a drug-resistant form of the disease. Read More >

A taste of Canadian medical education
July 28, 2014The inaugural Vancouver Summer Program in Medicine has brought 85 Chinese students to UBC for courses in pharmacology and clinical research. Read More >

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