Some MS patients experience “natural” improvements in disability: UBC-VCH research
October 17, 2012Prof. Helen Tremlett led the first study to quantify improvements in patients who are not taking immunomodulatory drugs. Read More >

Dr. Martin Gleave – $10M Dream Team member studying advanced prostate cancer
October 11, 2012Led by the Distinguished Professor of Urologic Sciences, the Vancouver Prostate Centre is the only Canadian site on team. Read More >

Maternal depression affects language development in babies
October 9, 2012Co-authored by Tim Oberlander, Professor in the Dept. of Pediatrics, the study is among the first of its kind. Read More >

UBC neurologist to lead national clinical trial of MS treatment
September 28, 2012Led by Assistant Professor of Neurology Anthony Traboulsee, the study will examine the efficacy of unblocking head and neck veins. Read More >

Premier opens Southern Medical Program's Reichwald Health Sciences Centre
September 20, 2012The building, constructed with a $32.7-million investment by the B.C. government, will ultimately accommodate 128 MD students. Read More >

The impact of arthritis on mothers
September 13, 2012Professor Catherine Backman describes her study's methodology and findings in a 2-minute video. Read More >

Collaborative maternity program results in fewer C-sections, shorter hospital stays: UBC/CFRI research
September 11, 2012The study, led by Professor Patricia Janssen, followed women who used Vancouver's South Community Birth Program. Read More >

Combination of blood thinning drugs shown to be ineffective as stroke preventer
September 7, 2012Neurology Professor Oscar Benavente is leading a $66-million study aimed at preventing recurrences of small subcortical strokes. Read More >

Prescription database helps check use of addictive drugs: UBC research
September 4, 2012The study examined B.C.'s PharmaNet, which allows pharmacists to view the most recent 14 months of a patient's medication use. Read More >

InterCultural Online Network receives funding to help prevent and manage diabetes in BC’s multicultural rural communities
August 13, 2012The project will establish a peer-support diabetes program. Read More >

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