Using progesterone for hot flashes appears safe for women’s cardiovascular health
January 15, 2014Jerilynn Prior's helps dispel an impediment to wider use of the hormone in postmenopausal women. Read More >

Educators and students play starring roles in real-life “ER”
January 13, 2014Clinical Instructor Andrew Campbell makes several appearances in "Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH," which premieres Jan. 21 on the Knowledge Network. Read More >

Study of Nepalese pilgrims challenges diagnosis of acute mountain sickness
January 9, 2014Asking people to rate the quality of their sleep is probably undermining the reliability of diagnoses. Read More >

UBC opens second student-led rehabilitation clinic
January 6, 2014The new clinic, based in Prince Rupert, is based on a successful initiative first pioneered at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. Read More >

New arrivals to the Faculty of Medicine
January 2, 2014Some essential and intriguing details about the Faculty's most recent recruits. Read More >

New funding to support genomics research
December 23, 2013Four innovative projects in the Faculty of Medicine have been funded through Genome BC’s Strategic Opportunities Fund. Read More >

Hand-me-down immunity
December 20, 2013Deborah Money is exploring the idea of ‘pre-loading’ immunity by vaccinating women during pregnancy to protect newborns. Read More >

UBC-VCH scientists use a drug to repair a rare birth defect
December 20, 2013Using specially formulated eye drops, a team led by Cheryl Gregory-Evans restored vision in mice born with aniridia. Read More >

Behind bars, HIV flourishes among drug users
December 16, 2013When incarcerated, they are more likely to have higher levels of HIV in their blood -- thus increasing the risk of transmission. Read More >

A hospital makes room for learning
December 13, 2013Ground is broken for dedicated academic space at the University Hospital of Northern B.C. Read More >

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