Asthma’s drain on the workplace
December 12, 2013Most of the productivity loss is through "presenteeism" -- reporting for work but not doing the job as well as it could be done. Read More >

Executive Associate Dean Howard Feldman interviewed at G8 Dementia Summit
December 12, 2013The CBC spoke with Dr. Feldman, Professor of Neurology and a member of the Canadian delegation. Read More >

Canadian Rx Atlas maps billions in savings — for now
December 12, 2013UBC health economists predict the decrease in spending will be short-lived because of expected spending on "niche" drugs. Read More >

Biomarker test for “lung attacks” receives development funding
December 9, 2013The $7.2 million grant will enable more tailored treatments for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Read More >

A recipe for understanding cancer
December 6, 2013Collect data on 30,000 people. Wait 10 years. Track their health. Analyze. Read More >

Bruce Wright appointed Regional Associate Dean, Vancouver Island
December 5, 2013Recruited from the University of Calgary, Dr. Wright will lead undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs throughout Vancouver Island. Read More >

Steven Morgan appointed Director, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
December 4, 2013Dr. Morgan has focused on health care financing, equity and pharmaceutical policy. Read More >

At the nexus of nature and nurture
November 28, 2013Rats' parenting styles leave marks on their offspring's genes. Now Michael Kobor is trying to prove that the same thing happens in humans. Read More >

Clinical Professor appointed Vice Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
November 28, 2013Susan Porter is a member of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Read More >

A disputed asthma therapy has safe record in B.C.
November 26, 2013The UBC-Vancouver Coastal Health study found that hospitalization rates for people who used the combination therapy were not significantly higher than people who used just corticosteroids. Read More >

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