UBC prof emeritus John Livesley and Dutch expert quit DSM-V committee defining personality disorders
July 23, 2012A former head of the UBC psychiatry department and a University of Amsterdam professor have resigned from the committee classifying personality disorders for health practitioners and researchers around the world, known as the Personality and Personality Disorder Work Group. The group is working on the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental […] Read More >

AIDS doctor says political will key to end epidemic
July 23, 2012The tools to end AIDS already exist, say doctors attending the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.Dr. Evan Wood, lead researcher at the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and a UBC researcher, along with fellow B.C.-based doctor Julio Montaner, British billionaire Richard Branson and the former presidents of Brazil and Colombia called on world […] Read More >

Severe flu increases risk of Parkinson’s
July 20, 2012The epidemiological study also found that having red measles in childhood lowered the odds of developing the disease. Read More >

There’s something fishy about this elixir
July 19, 2012Souvenaid is a yogurtlike memory elixir produced in vanilla and strawberry flavours that is thought to work by boosting brain nerve cell connections (synapses) in those who are losing them. An emerging theory on the cause of Alzheimer’s is that the loss of synapses leads to a buildup of undesirable proteins called amyloid, which then […] Read More >

Widely-used MS drug doesn’t measurably slow progression of the disease, researchers find
July 18, 2012The study, by Associate Professor of Neurology Helen Tremlett and others, examined the effectiveness of beta-interferons. Read More >

Multiple sclerosis drug doesn’t prevent onset of disability, study finds
July 18, 2012A study by researchers at UBC finds that the most widely prescribed drug for treating multiple sclerosis, interferon beta, has little or no effect on a patient’s progression to disability.Researchers collected data on 868 patients treated with interferon beta, comparing them with 1,788 patients who never took the drug. They found that those who took […] Read More >

Norman Bethune’s ideas have saved many lives
July 17, 2012Dr. Edward M. Conway, the director of the Centre for Blood Research and a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC, writes that while many may not agree with Dr. (Henry) Norman Bethune’s politics, “he was a selfless and innovative physician.”“In fact, he was amongst the first to promote universal access to health care […] Read More >

Resistance training valuable in dementia fight for older adults
July 16, 2012Research from clinical trials released at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver this week show how specific exercises are beneficial to improving mental functioning and reducing risk for cognitive impairment and dementia in healthy older adults and others with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).Lindsay Nagamatsu, a PhD student at UBC, studied the results of twice-weekly […] Read More >

Conference on Alzheimer’s disease in Vancouver
July 16, 2012Four thousand of the world’s experts in Alzheimer’s disease converge on Vancouver this week for their annual conference. Many will be anxious to hear about three drugs undergoing clinical trials. All three drugs try to attack Alzheimer’s the same way, by getting rid of a protein suspected of being involved in the death of brain […] Read More >

Educators propose “flipping” medical training
July 10, 2012Dr. David Snadden, executive associate dean of education at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, examines a new era of teaching called the “flipped classroom” – a practice which slashes student exposure to mind-numbing lectures and frees class time for discussions and interactive exercises in hopes of better preparing future physicians to be life-long learners.“The thing that’s […] Read More >

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