Combatting COVID-19

Hear from UBC experts, learn more about work on the frontlines, and discover the latest research helping to combat the global outbreak.

Delta vs. Kappa: study examines molecular factors that fuel COVID-19 variants

Understanding drivers behind viral fitness could improve disease management in the future.

Company led by UBC professor raises US$40m to advance drug discovery

Dr. Sriram Subramaniam is integrating cryo-electron microscopy and AI to bring new treatment options to patients.

UBC faculty of medicine researchers awarded CIHR Project Grants

Projects led by UBC researchers received $36 million in the Fall 2021 competition.

Faculty of medicine members named to Vancouver Magazine’s 2022 Power 50 list

A number of UBC community members were recognized for their work.

UBC postdoc identifies over 100,000 new RNA viruses using the power of cloud computing

The discovery could help prevent future pandemics.

Dr. Pieter Cullis and colleagues win VinFuture Foundation’s first global sci-tech award

Recognizes work that paved the way for COVID-19 vaccines.

Remdesivir for COVID-19 found to reduce need for mechanical ventilation

UBC-led study part of world’s largest randomized control trial on COVID-19 therapeutics.

Researchers awarded funding to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic impacts on children, youth and families

Projects span topics from unintentional injuries to social determinants of mental health.

UBC clinical trial supports new self-administered rapid antigen test

The tool could help combat growing uncertainty, prevent transmission and potentially save lives.