Combatting COVID-19

Hear from UBC experts, learn more about work on the frontlines, and discover the latest research helping to combat the global outbreak.

Kids too young for a COVID-19 vaccine? How to keep them safe

UBC’s Dr. Ran Goldman offers tips for parents.

Busting myths about COVID-19 vaccines and fertility

UBC’s Dr. Deborah Money busts some of the many myths circulating about the vaccines’ impact on fertility.

How to ease back-to-school stress for school-age kids

Dr. Tyler Black on the return to full-time schooling and children’s mental health

Beyond COVID-19: How mRNA technology could transform how we treat disease

B.C. could be next hub for developing, manufacturing high-tech vaccine platform.

How the pandemic shaped the sex lives of Canadians

A new UBC study uncovers the impact of COVID-19 on sexual desire and behaviour.

Researchers launch study into COVID-19 vaccine uptake and efficacy in vulnerable urban populations

Study co-leads Dr. Brittany Barker and Dr. Hudson Reddon answer questions about their new study.

UBC Innovation Support Unit receives federal funding to help communities accelerate COVID-19 vaccination

Workshops will engage communities to adapt local vaccination programs to better address structural barriers and reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Tackling the science behind the long-term effects of COVID-19

Meet the UBC researchers investigating the long-term impacts of the disease

Majority of BC teachers report deteriorated mental health during pandemic

Four out of five teachers reported worse mental health this school year.