Telephone therapy for depression improves work productivity
November 4, 2013The study, led by Psychiatry Professor Raymond Lam, found that "talk therapy" combined with medication resulted in better job performance than medication alone. Read More >

Movember: a big hairy deal
November 1, 2013In honour of Movember, UBC Prof. Martin Gleave talks about prostate cancer. Read More >

Province resumes support for UBC’s Therapeutics Initiative
October 22, 2013The decision ends more than a year of uncertainty for the unit, spearheaded by some of the Faculty's leading researchers to evaluate new drugs. Read More >

Keep your head in the game
October 22, 2013Prof. Jane Roskams on what can be done to prevent head injuries in youth hockey. Read More >

Animating a love of science
October 16, 2013A PhD candidate in Experimental Medicine has co-produced a series of short videos about stem cells, funded by the Stem Cell Network. Read More >

Daily inspiration for the Southern Medical Program
October 16, 2013The Tree of Life, a massive wooden relief, now graces the Reichwald Health Sciences Centre on UBC's Okanagan campus. Read More >

Altitude adjustment
October 15, 2013Do training tents have the same effect as actually going to high elevations? Michael Koehle, an Associate Professor in the Division of Sports Medicine, investigated. Read More >

“Gold standard” imaging study casts doubt on MS theory
October 8, 2013Led by Associate Professor of Neurology Anthony Traboulsee, the study found that narrowed veins are just as prevalent in people without MS. Read More >

The disease of many faces
September 23, 2013In honour of Arthritis Month, UBC’s Diane Lacaille discusses what’s being done for arthritis sufferers. Read More >

Thousands of shades of grey
September 20, 2013The UBC MRI Research Centre has trained its magnets on Olympic swimmers, compulsive gamblers, and most of all, people with brain disorders. Read More >

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