Why Canada needs healthy prisons
February 18, 2014Canada going wrong direction on prison health, says Clinical Professor Ruth Martin. Read More >

Researchers discover how ALS spreads
February 17, 2014A study led by Prof. Neil Cashman has revealed how ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is transmitted from cell to cell. Read More >

UBC helps expand diabetes clinical trial network
February 14, 2014Tim Kieffer (left) will test a teabag-like device that encapsulates stem cell-derived beta cells; Rusung Tan (right) will launch a clinical trial of a drug now used for psoriasis. Read More >

South African healthcare workers face greater risk for TB and HIV
February 14, 2014Annalee Yassi (left) and Elizabeth Bryce (right) are helping South Africa implement occupational health guidelines for patient care staff. Read More >

A healthy scoop of support
February 13, 2014Megan Kilvert started the Ice Cream Rounds at BC Children's Hospital to help deal with the pressures of medical residency. Read More >

A new pathway for stopping an incurable disease
February 13, 2014Paul Sorensen discovered a protein that prevents some childhood cancers. Now he has found that the same protein, HACE1, might also protect neurons against Huntington disease. Read More >

Genetic discovery helps newborns beat a life-threatening condition
February 13, 2014Clara van Karnebeek discovered a previously unknown cause of excess ammonia in the blood, enabling the condition to be diagnosed -- and treated. Read More >

How exercise can boost brain power
February 6, 2014UBC Prof. Teresa Liu-Ambrose on how physical activity benefits cognitive function. Read More >

Air pollution and asthma
January 31, 2014Michael Brauer, a Professor in the School of Population and Public Health, on the link between air pollution, genes and asthma. Read More >

A more authentic cancer model
January 30, 2014Yuzhuo Wang and Colin Collins have grown the world's first early-stage human prostate cancer in mice. Read More >

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