Hunting the genes that cause rare diseases
November 17, 2014A new national network co-led by Professor of Medical Genetics Phillip Hieter received an initial grant of $2.3 million from CIHR. Read More >

The hazards of safe playgrounds
November 14, 2014Assistant Professor Mariana Brussoni questions the "over-engineering" of today's playgrounds. Read More >

A UBC faculty member on the front lines of the Ebola epidemic
November 10, 2014Clinical Assistant Professor Srinivas Murthy spent five weeks in Liberia working with the WHO. Read More >

Stories of hope behind bars
November 5, 2014Clinical Professor Ruth Martin (left) and research assistant Mo Korchinski are co-editors of a book about the resilience of women who are incarcerated in a B.C. prison. Read More >

Advocating for Aboriginal health
November 4, 2014Discover how UBC family medicine residents are working alongside First Nations communities to affect change. Read More >

Finding genetic clues to intellectual disabilities
October 31, 2014Evica Rajcan-Separovic and Suzanne Lewis are unravelling causes for intellectual disabilities that defy detection. Read More >

The search for a reliable antidote to heparin
October 29, 2014The compound developed by Jaychandran Kizhakkedathu is intended to prevent serious bleeding, especially during surgery. Read More >

Rubber duckies as research tools
October 27, 2014Susan Small, Director of UBC’s Pediatric Audiology Lab, shares tips on recognizing and preventing hearing loss in infants and children. Read More >

New test identifies severe sepsis within an hour
October 24, 2014Using a genetic signature, the test takes as little as an hour, speeding the time to treatment with aggressive antibiotics. Read More >

Dissecting assisted suicide
October 16, 2014Clinical Assistant Professor, Michael Curry, says crossing the line from alleviating suffering into assisted suicide could lead us into murky waters. Read More >

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