Combatting social isolation during COVID-19
June 1, 2020New UBC initiative embraces technology to help seniors in long-term care. Read More >

UBC researchers join with partners to develop portable ultrasound scanner network for COVID-19
May 26, 2020Scanner expected to speed up diagnoses in rural and remote areas. Read More >

Majority of cannabis use in Vancouver’s DTES for therapeutic purposes, may also reduce opioid overdose risk
May 26, 2020Study finds most people at high risk of overdose who use cannabis do so for pain relief and other therapeutic reasons. Read More >

UBC researchers ask for public input to inform COVID-19 policy
May 21, 2020The team will seek input from hundreds of citizens in an online deliberation series. Read More >

UBC scientist identifies a gene that controls thinness
May 21, 2020A new study by Dr. Josef Penninger shines new light on why some people can eat as much as they want, and still stay thin. Read More >

James Andrew inducted into UBC’s 25 Year Club
May 19, 2020As Indigenous Student Initiatives Manager, Andrew has helped to build the Indigenous MD Admissions Program. Read More >

New combination treatment may overcome drug resistance in blood cancers
May 19, 2020Scientists at UBC, BC Cancer reveal combination treatment shows promise in overcoming drug resistance and relapse in people with chronic myeloid leukemia. Read More >

Faculty and graduate students receive Killam Awards for excellence in teaching
May 19, 2020The award is offered yearly to faculty and teaching assistants for their outstanding teaching, research and service to the community. Read More >

UBC scientists discover genetic insights into cancer drug resistance
May 14, 2020The findings provide valuable insight into how cancers progress, spread throughout the body and become resistant to chemotherapy. Read More >

Caring for seniors living with dementia during COVID-19
May 13, 2020Dr. Mark Fok offers practical tips on how to stay connected Read More >

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