Genetic model offers elegant tool for testing Parkinson’s disease therapies
August 21, 2018 The study is being led by Professor of Medical Genetics Matthew Farrer. Read More >

Swallowing disorder training at UBC gets a boost from simulation technology
August 20, 2018The arrival of a high-fidelity mannequin at the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences is transforming training for students. Read More >

Made-at-UBC app changing the way medical students learn radiology
August 20, 2018With the UBC Radiology Teaching App, UBC’s Dr. Kathryn Darras and her team are transforming how radiology is taught and learned. Read More >

B.C. initiative linked to reduced rates of shaken baby syndrome
August 13, 2018The Period of PURPLE Crying program is associated with a 35 per cent reduction in infants and toddlers admitted to B.C. hospitals with shaking-related injuries. Read More >

Sugar-like molecule points to new therapeutic path for autism and schizophrenia
August 9, 2018Heparin sulfate, when bound to neurexin, a key synaptic protein, creates a sort of scaffold, strengthening neuronal connections. Read More >

The sun should not set twice before hip fracture repair
August 7, 2018A UBC-led study projects an additional 11 deaths for every 1,000 hip fracture surgeries if all surgeries in medically stable patients were done after inpatient day 3 instead of admission day. Read More >

UBC bestows national prizes on Canadian health science pioneers
July 26, 2018Andrew Krahn, Bruce McManus, Kullervo Hynynen and Martin Gleave are being honoured for their accomplishments in heart health, brain health and cancer. Read More >

UBC medical student uses bursary to make a big difference in small communities
July 19, 2018When Maryam Garabedian found out she received a bursary from Doctors of BC, she was immediately excited by the prospect of being able to pursue one of the projects on her wish list that would benefit communities in need. “This support broadens the opportunities I get to engage in,” says Maryam, a third-year student in […] Read More >

Breaking down university silos
July 16, 2018Radiology's Bruce Forster realized that his colleagues needed to learn more about business. The result: Two new courses from UBC's Sauder School of Business. Read More >

Genetic marker could spare MS patients from liver damage
July 16, 2018The marker illustrates the potential power of precision medicine. Read More >

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