Harmful medication re-exposures could be avoided with new approaches
July 18, 2019Around 75% of repeat adverse drug events could have been prevented through better monitoring and communications, according to new research by Corinne Hohl. Read More >

UBC bestows national prizes upon Canadian health science pioneers in heart, brain and cancer research
July 16, 2019Ruth McPherson of the University of Ottawa is among the recipients of this year's prizes. Read More >

Kelowna emergency medicine program graduates first residents
July 15, 2019Jared Baylis and Daniel Ting officially completed their residencies as emergency physicians on June 30, 2019. Read More >

Faculty of Medicine’s communications team honoured with multiple awards
July 10, 2019The team was honoured by the Canadian Public Relations Society, the Association of American Medical Colleges and other organizations. Read More >

Jill McEwen receives national honour for excellency in Emergency Medicine
July 9, 2019Jill McEwen has been awarded the 2019 CAEP President's Award by the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians. Read More >

Healthy aging through education
July 8, 2019UBC’s Dr. Roger Wong is improving health and wellbeing for seniors. Read More >

Ballsy enough to get treatment for scrotal pain?
July 8, 2019UBC researchers seek trial participants for new pain-relieving medication. Read More >

UBC scientists capture images of gene-editing enzymes in action
July 8, 2019Findings hold promise for future treatment of human diseases caused by DNA mutations. Read More >

Caitlin Dunne and Zachary Laksman named to Canada’s Top 40 Under 40
July 5, 2019Dunne and Laksman are among 44 recipients chosen from more than 850 nominees by an independent advisory board of business leaders from across Canada. Read More >

The 2019 Friedman Award for Scholars in Health recipients
July 2, 2019Medical resident Aalia Sachedina is among the eight recipients. Read More >

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