Medicine’s deadly gender gap
May 1, 2012A lot of recent research exposes how little we know about the female body. Yet female under-representation in scientific research puts women’s health directly at risk and it limits our scientific knowledge. One of the biggest gaps surrounds pregnant women. Pregnant women use a swath of medications, many of which are untested on them, says […] Read More >

May 2012
May 1, 2012Leadership Opportunities Available Click here for a list of leadership opportunities available. Appointment Announcements Dr. Adrian Yee was appointed the Assistant Dean, MD Undergraduate Education, Island Medical Program (IMP) effective July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015. Dr. Sam Abraham will be extended as the Interim Associate Dean, Research, BC Cancer Agency effective to August […] Read More >

The Digital Doctor is in … your phone
April 30, 2012The digital health sector is growing and there are more and more wellness apps. It’s a sector that’s bringing together game makers and medical experts, engineers and researchers. Mark Ansermino has led a team that created a phone oximeter, a low-cost device that combines a smartphone with a FDA approved pulse oximeter sensor to measure […] Read More >

Why mental stress may harm women more
April 27, 2012A new study found exercises that strengthen muscles can slow down mental decline and possibly improve cognitive performance. The study represents one of the first attempts to compare the mental effects of different types of exercise. The researchers recruited 86 women who were experiencing mild cognitive impairment that often leads to dementia. Women who did […] Read More >

Getting enough sleep is essential to health
April 26, 2012As we’ve all heard since grade school, it’s important to get at least a full eight hours of sleep every night. Dr. Max Cynader of the Vancouver Coastal Health Brain Research Centre at UBC explains, sleep is critical to our brain’s health, functionality and to our memory. According to Cynader, if we don’t get enough […] Read More >

Faculty of Medicine signs agreement with Chinese Ministry of Health
April 25, 2012Gavin Stuart, UBC’s Vice Provost Health and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, signed the agreement in Beijing. Read More >

Will weightlifting make you smarter?
April 24, 2012Researchers have conducted a study that shows the even after the onset of dementia, strength training can help improve cognitive functioning in elderly women who already have some signs of neurological deficit. “Among people who don’t yet have dementia but are already at a high risk in terms of mild memory and executive function impairment, […] Read More >

Reversing cognitive decline through resistance training
April 23, 2012New UBC research shows that resistance training can improve cognitive performance in seniors at risk for dementia. Read More >

Comparing notes on diabetes – across countries and cultures
April 19, 2012Faculty of Medicine physicians and researchers traveled to Guangzhou, China in March to participate in a bi-national workshop on diabetes, in partnership with the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The panel discussion, “Diabetes Prevention and Management: Exploratory Workshop through Western and Eastern Medicine,” explored the prevention and treatment of diabetes through the lenses of […] Read More >

UBC-CFRI team receives funding to predict adverse effects of childhood cancer treatments
April 18, 2012A team led by Kirk Schultz, Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, has received $4.3 million in funding. Read More >

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