FNHA and UBC create chair to prevent cancer and improve well-being
March 17, 2017The $3M project focuses on improving health and cancer outcomes in First Nations communities. Read More >

UBC faculty and medical residents put pen to paper to promote senior care in B.C.
March 16, 2017In March and April, the British Columbia Medical Journal will feature the work of faculty and medical residents as part of a two-part series on aging and geriatrics. Read More >

Brain patterns cannot reveal end-of-life decisions for patients with severe brain injuries
March 14, 2017Neurology Professor Judy Illes examines ethics around end-of-life decision-making for patients. Read More >

Controversial treatment for MS found to be ineffective
March 8, 2017The clinical trial, led by Anthony Traboulsee, showed that opening narrowed veins didn't lead to better outcomes compared to a sham procedure. Read More >

Women in Research: Marianne Sadar
March 8, 2017UBC Professor Marianne Sadar shares her journey into cancer research, her latest discovery and the strengths that women bring to the scientific community. Read More >

Women in Research: Joanne Matsubara
March 7, 2017UBC Professor Joanne Matsubara shares her journey into eye disease research, her current projects and what she hopes to accomplish. Read More >

Women in Research: Lynn Raymond
March 7, 2017UBC Professor Lynn Raymond talks about her interest in neurology, her current projects and the benefits of having a career in research. Read More >

Women in Research: Sheona Mitchell-Foster
March 7, 2017UBC Assistant Professor Sheona Mitchell-Foster talks about her interest in reproductive health research and her current projects. Read More >

Women in Research: Nadia Khan
March 7, 2017UBC Professor Nadia Khan talks about her research interests and shares advice for women wanting to pursue a career in scientific research. Read More >

UBC medical students celebrate first step on path to residency
March 1, 2017On March 1, fourth-year UBC medical students gathered to celebrate the results of the first round of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). Read More >

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