UBC scientists play major role in mapping the human epigenome
November 17, 2016Connie Eaves and Marco Marra were featured in a set of 41 papers coordinated by the International Human Epigenome Research Consortium. Read More >

New UBC chair will advance research into rural health
November 15, 2016Dave Snadden, who oversaw the expansion of medical education and training in northern B.C., will look for ways to improve health care in rural areas. Read More >

Kindergarteners’ vaccine rates vary widely across metro Vancouver
November 15, 2016Vaccination rates varied by as much as 30 per cent among parts of the metropolitan region. Read More >

Antibiotic restores cell communication in Alzheimer’s-damaged parts of brain
November 14, 2016Ceftriaxone was able to reduce synaptic disruption and clear the lines of neuronal communication in mice. Read More >

How peer support can offer long-term help for people with diabetes
November 14, 2016UBC Associate Professor Tricia Tang talks about her interest in diabetes research, the launch of the SPACE project and how peer support can help people living with diabetes. Read More >

An $80 million boost for patient-oriented research in B.C.
November 9, 2016The BC SUPPORT Unit will engage patients to identify their needs and set priorities for research. Read More >

Closure of obstetric services at B.C. hospitals did not affect labour and delivery
November 7, 2016Many women were already using hospitals outside their communities for childbirth even before closure of local labour and delivery services. Read More >

Infections early in life may activate immune responses that prevent leukemia
November 2, 2016Early-life infections trigger production of interferons, which attack both the infection and the abnormal BCP cells, reducing their ability to turn into cancer. Read More >

One in three B.C. children start kindergarten vulnerable
October 26, 2016The findings come from the sixth version of the Early Development Instrument data collection, which measures the well-being of kindergarten students in five areas. Read More >

150th cancer patient receives leading-edge genomic testing at BC Children’s Hospital
October 24, 2016Researchers Bruce Carleton and Rod Rassekh of a leading-edge genomic testing program recently treated its 150th patient. Read More >

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