UBC scientist is paving the way in Alzheimer’s research
January 31, 2017UBC Professor Cheryl Wellington talks about her current projects and how she thinks emerging research will shape the way we diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s 10 years from now. Read More >

UBC medical students cue the lights for charity
January 27, 2017UBC medical students are set to take to the stage for this year’s production of MedPlay, running February 2-4 and 9-11. Read More >

Allergy rates among new immigrants increase the longer they live in Canada
January 27, 2017SPPH researchers Jiayun Yao and Hind Sbihi looked at the role that genetics and environmental factors play in the development of allergies. Read More >

Roots of Alzheimer’s disease can extend as far back as the womb
January 27, 2017Psychiatry Professor Weihong Song used mouse models to show that low levels of Vitamin A, prenatally and postnatally, can "program" brain tissue. Read More >

Lung cancer patients with anxiety, depression die sooner, UBC study finds
January 24, 2017Robert Olson, of the UBC Department of Surgery and the BC Cancer Agency's Centre for the North, says a causal link isn't clear. Read More >

Tobacco use causes high death rates for alcohol & drug users
January 20, 2017Russ Callaghan, using data from California, found that about half of the deaths of people with substance use disorders were smoking-related. Read More >

Faculty of Medicine scientists appointed to BC Leadership Chairs
January 19, 2017Michael Kobor is now the Sunny Hill BC Leadership Chair in Child Development, and Raymond Lam is the BC Leadership Chair in Depression Research. Read More >

Parks, big and small, needed for public health
January 18, 2017Matilda van den Bosch from the School of Population and Public Health co-authored a World Health Organization report summarizing the health benefits of urban green spaces. Read More >

UBC study suggests that HIV therapy could be contributing to syphilis outbreak
January 16, 2017Despite evidence that HIV therapy lowers immunity to syphillis, researchers say it is still vital for people to continue to using HIV therapy. Read More >

UBC’s beacons of hope in the war against Alzheimer’s disease
January 16, 2017Despite dispiriting headlines in the search for an effective drug, UBC continues to uncover knowledge pointing to new treatments and best practices. Read More >

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