UBC leads Canadian pancreatic cancer research initiative
March 6, 2018The $5 million project will sequence metastatic pancreatic tumours of 400 patients, looking to see if the primary cancers genetically differ from metastatic cancers. Read More >

Strict eating schedule can lower Huntington disease protein in mice
March 6, 2018By limiting eating to a certain period each day, Faculty of Medicine scientists stimulated the cellular process of cleaning out debris and recycling proteins. Read More >

New UBC public health program will train Indigenous health leaders
March 2, 2018The new program, representing the first of its kind in Canada, aims to address health inequities by training Indigenous health leaders working in communities across the country. Read More >

UBC medical students celebrate match day milestone
March 1, 2018On March 1, fourth-year UBC medical students gathered to celebrate the results of the first round of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). Read More >

An under-the-radar immune cell shows potential in fight against cancer
February 22, 2018ILC2 cells were discovered as a major player in asthma. Wilf Jefferies found they may also stop cancer from metastasizing. Read More >

Vancouver part of multi-million-dollar Healthy Cities project
February 21, 2018Vancouver and four other cities will be examined for ways to reduce health inequities through better development and service delivery. Read More >

Do men’s toenails contain clues about prostate cancer prevention?
February 21, 2018Researchers will analyze concentrations of toxic metals and look for correlations with the histories of prostate cancer patients. Read More >

Midwifery linked to better birth outcomes in state-by-state “report card”
February 21, 2018States with higher midwifery integration, like Washington and Oregon, generally had better results, Read More >

Electrical implant reduces “invisible” symptoms of man’s spinal cord injury
February 19, 2018The single case study, published in JAMA Neurology, showed potential benefits from epidural stimulation. Read More >

Alison Hoens receives the Enid Graham Memorial Lecture Award
February 16, 2018The award is one of the most prestigious awards bestowed by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Read More >

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