To crack vaccine code, UBC assembles its own “Ocean’s Thirteen”
May 16, 2017An eclectic group of scientists has been tapped to understand why vaccines work -- and sometimes don't. Read More >

Link found between cannabis use and reduced use of crack cocaine
May 16, 2017UBC scientists observed reductions in the frequency of crack use following periods in which people reported using cannabis. Read More >

UBC scientists find new subtypes of ovarian cancer, with new potential treatment strategies
May 16, 2017The research, led by Associate Professor Sohrab Shah, was published in Nature Genetics. Read More >

Researchers uncover potential risks of common MS treatment
May 15, 2017The study found an increased risk of events such as stroke, migraine and depression among people taking beta interferons. Read More >

Mutations could provide new basis for diagnosing and treating endometriosis
May 10, 2017Researchers at UBC and the Johns Hopkins University found non-hereditary genetic mutations that could differentiate variations of the disease. Read More >

Fetal reduction in multi-fetal pregnancies associated with better birth outcomes
May 8, 2017UBC researchers found lower rates of pre-term births among pregnancies that involved reduction from triplets to twins or twins to singletons. Read More >

Improving maternal health at home and abroad
May 5, 2017A conversation on global maternal health with UBC Midwifery Instructor Cathy Ellis. Read More >

Julio Montaner wins Killam Prize in health sciences
May 2, 2017The national award from the Canada Council for the Arts will be presented to him at Ottawa's Rideau Hall. Read More >

UBC study confirms that two doses of HPV vaccine provide long-lasting protection
April 25, 2017Published in JAMA, it was the longest examination of the vaccine's most widely-used version. Read More >

Uncoding cancer – one cell at a time
April 24, 2017UBC Professor Sohrab Shah talks about his interests in biology and computer science, and why he thinks genomics will tip the scales in beating cancer. Read More >

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