Michael Allard takes on another role: alumni leader
April 28, 2016Dr. Allard is the first full-time faculty member in 20 years to lead the Medical Alumni Association. Read More >

Roger Wong appointed Executive Associate Dean, Education
April 28, 2016Dr. Wong will offer strategic leadership, while creating and nurturing existing partnerships to help move the vision for the Faculty forward. Read More >

UBC students given 24 hours to ‘hatch’ healthcare solutions
April 26, 2016Students from the Faculty of Medicine were part of the winning team at Hatching Health, an interdisciplinary medical innovation event. Read More >

“Medical rounds” at the art museum
April 21, 2016The Belkin Gallery invited UBC medical students of all year levels to a course to consider how engagement with art can strengthen observational and communication skills. Read More >

UBC research aims to clear the haze on cannabis use in Canada
April 19, 2016Assistant Professor M-J Milloy, Department of Medicine is leading a new study to examine cannabis use and provide clear guidance for creating regulations and policies. Read More >

A biobank for northern B.C. takes shape
April 18, 2016The project is being led by Nadine Caron, an Associate Professor of Surgery based in Prince George. Read More >

Faculty of Medicine garners largest share of CFI grants
April 15, 2016The Hon. Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence (centre) came to UBC to announce the grants, including one for Assistant Professor Janel Kopp (right). Read More >

UBC scientists help find rare cause of gastric cancer
April 15, 2016The discovery will eventually enable people who have a family member with proximal polyposis of the stomach to determine whether they will develop the condition and stomach cancer. Read More >

UBC showcases its strengths as neurologists meet in Vancouver
April 14, 2016Anthony Traboulsee is one of three faculty members giving plenary speeches to the American Academy of Neurology. Read More >

A new test to help doctors monitor and treat type 1 diabetes
April 11, 2016Megan Levings identified a genetic signature that measures changes in regulatory T-cells from a small blood sample. Read More >