Consumer behaviour causing premature deaths from air pollution
March 29, 2017SPPH Professor Michael Brauer, co-author of a new air pollution study, explains the cross-border impacts of air pollution. Read More >

Promoting patient safety through interprofessional collaboration
March 27, 2017The sixth annual UBC Interprofessional Medication Reconciliation event will introduce new curriculum designed to enhance patient safety. Read More >

Macular degeneration treatment raises risk of glaucoma, Faculty of Medicine researchers find
March 23, 2017People receiving seven or more bevacizumab injections a year had a 2.5 times higher risk of getting glaucoma surgery. Read More >

Inactive teens develop lazy bones, study finds
March 23, 2017Researchers at the Centre for Hip Health & Mobility finds inactive teens have weaker bones than those who are physically active. Read More >

Investigating the secret to a long and healthy life
March 22, 2017SPPH Assistant Professor Rachel Murphy's new study focuses on the diet related to healthy 'super seniors'. Read More >

UBC students ‘hatch’ a new support tool for people living with depression
March 22, 2017Explore highlights from this year’s Hatching Health event, an interdisciplinary, student-led competition aimed at finding real-world solutions to today’s healthcare challenges. Read More >

FNHA and UBC establish chair to prevent cancer and improve wellbeing
March 17, 2017The $3M project focuses on improving the health and cancer outcomes for First Nations communities. Read More >

UBC faculty and medical residents put pen to paper to promote senior care in B.C.
March 16, 2017In March and April, the British Columbia Medical Journal will feature the work of faculty and medical residents as part of a two-part series on aging and geriatrics. Read More >

Brain patterns cannot reveal end-of-life decisions for patients with severe brain injuries
March 14, 2017Neurology Professor Judy Illes examines ethics around end-of-life decision-making for patients. Read More >

Controversial treatment for MS found to be ineffective
March 8, 2017The clinical trial, led by Anthony Traboulsee, showed that opening narrowed veins didn't lead to better outcomes compared to a sham procedure. Read More >