Giving Back
December 13, 2017From tackling hemophilia in Uganda to teaching swimming lessons in Bangladesh, meet some of our faculty and students giving back at home and around the world. Read More >

A researcher’s “gut feeling” leads to a reversal on catheter use
December 13, 2017Andrei Krassioukov's efforts led to the withdrawal of a Cochrane review finding that catheters could be reused without an increased risk of infection. Read More >

Female and rural doctors retiring earlier than previously thought
December 11, 2017The research reveals that projections about physician availability could be inflated. Read More >

Bursary fosters family connections
November 29, 2017The Doctors of BC bursary has allowed dermatology resident, Lisa Flegel to stay in touch with her family and find a work-life balance. Read More >

Holding infants – or not – can leave traces on their genes
November 27, 2017Children who had been more distressed as infants and had received less physical contact had a molecular profile that was underdeveloped for their age. Read More >

Fall Graduation 2017
November 24, 2017Explore how graduates from UBC's Faculty of Medicine are making a difference in communities across British Columbia. Read More >

UBC tries tele-health to stop revolving door for chronic heart and lung patients
November 21, 2017TEC4Home is the largest-ever clinical trial of tele-health in Canada. Read More >

Study finds no added risk for home births in rural areas
November 20, 2017The results are good news, since midwife-assisted home birth could play a big role in extending maternal health care to rural areas. Read More >

UBC’s Faculty of Medicine has most highly cited researchers among Canadian medical schools
November 16, 2017Karen Gelmon, a Professor in the Department of Medicine, was a new addition to this year's list. Read More >

Women’s weight associated with pregnancy complications
November 14, 2017The observational study, led by Assistant Professor Sarka Lisonkova and published in JAMA, followed 743,630 women in Washington State between 2004 and 2013. Read More >

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