Tuum Est! Graduation 2018
May 22, 2018This week, hundreds of new graduates will gather to celebrate their achievements and look ahead to the next stage of their careers. Read More >

Communities of care
May 18, 2018How UBC's province-wide medical program is helping inspire doctors to practise in all corners of B.C. Read More >

Finding the ticking time bombs
May 16, 2018Tango instructor Bobbi Lusic (pictured here with his wife, Patricia) had a heart attack at 45. That's why he became part of a UBC project called SAVE BC. Read More >

New online resource seeks to prevent sports injuries
May 11, 2018Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics Shelina Babul was co-leader of the project. Read More >

“Arms race” between cancer and immune system revealed
May 10, 2018The study led by MD/PhD student Allen Zhang will assist the design of new immunotherapy trials. Read More >

Pre-birth exposure to anti-depressants linked to better cognitive skills 12 years later
May 8, 2018More research is needed to see if the benefit is also accompanied by risks, such as higher anxiety. Read More >

A quicker treatment for persistent depression?
April 26, 2018A 3-minute session of theta bursts was just as effective as a 37-minute session of standard high-frequency brain stimulation. Read More >

Professor’s book explains how mindfulness can improve sex
April 23, 2018Lori Brotto makes the case for paying attention in a non-judgmental way. Read More >

Look! Down in the petri dish! It’s a Superplatelet!
April 11, 2018UBC scientists have endowed platelets with extra powers so they can rise to the occasion in the face of trauma and continue the coagulation process. Read More >

Fentanyl overdose survivors require little if any hospital treatment
April 6, 2018UBC created the first-ever hospital protocol for handling fentanyl overdoses. Read More >

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