Genetics-based prescribing moves one step closer to reality
September 23, 2016TreatGx, conceived by Martin Dawes, Head of the Department of Family Practice, has been shown to be feasible and is now being marketed to consumers. Read More >

New UBC education space opens at Royal Inland Hospital
September 22, 2016UBC medical students and residents have an expansive new learning space in the Clinical Services Building at Royal Inland Hospital. Read More >

$51.5M in federal-provincial funding to benefit Faculty of Medicine
September 19, 2016Among the projects supported by the grants will be the Chan Gunn Pavilion, future home for UBC research into physical activity and exercise medicine. Read More >

COPD could overwhelm healthcare systems within two decades
September 19, 2016Mohsen Sadatsafavi's findings contradict the widespread assumption that the decline in smoking is making COPD a disease of the past. Read More >

A “volunteer patient” finds herself coping with an all-too-real illness
September 15, 2016Annie Graham donated her time to help UBC medical students learn clinical skills -- a generosity that led to a life-changing discovery about her own health. Read More >

Bike trips up, car use down along Vancouver greenway
September 13, 2016Larry Frank, Professor, SPPH discusses his findings and offers insights into how cities can create more livable neighbourhoods. Read More >

Online advice for preventing Alzheimer’s disease often problematic
September 13, 2016Assistant Professor of Neurology's Julie Robillard finds many websites offered poor advice for Alzheimer's disease prevention. Read More >

JDRF supports UBC research into stem cell implantation for type 1 diabetes
September 8, 2016The $599,996 grant will enable Professor Tim Kieffer to test the safety and efficacy of various approaches for implanting the cells, which can be produced in virtually unlimited quantities. Read More >

UBC demonstrates benefits of new monoclonal antibody for asthma
September 7, 2016Injections of benralizumab, made by AstraZeneca, led to direct, rapid and near-complete depletion of a type of white blood cell that control the mechanism associated with allergy and asthma. Read More >

Back to School
September 2, 2016Explore highlights from our undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs and join us in welcoming our new and continuing students for the 2016-2017 academic year. Read More >