Fall Grad 2015
November 25, 2015This week students will graduate from across a wide range of Faculty of Medicine programs. Find out where they’re headed next. Read More >

Seeking a cause of MS, through children’s gut bacteria
November 23, 2015Helen Tremlett seeks to discern clues to MS through the microbiomes of children with the disease. Read More >

UBC welcomes next generation of subspecialist residents
November 23, 2015This November, a new wave of medical residents matched to UBC subspecialty residency positions, as part of the annual CaRMS Medicine Subspecialty Match (MSM). Read More >

Light therapy found to be effective for non-seasonal depression
November 18, 2015Psychiatry Professor Raymond Lam's study is the first placebo-controlled trial to show light therapy works even for depression unrelated to seasonal affective disorder. Read More >

Unique men’s mental health challenges explored at free talk
November 17, 2015Department of Psychiatry Professor Raymond Lam discusses some of the key issues involved with men and mental health, and highlights the societal costs of depression. Read More >

Behold UBC’s latest creation: the “Frankenplatelet”
November 4, 2015By coaxing platelets into manufacturing their own RNA, Faculty of Medicine scientists have shown how these humble blood cells could be given new powers. Read More >

UBC medical student examines the use of CT scans by doctors
November 3, 2015The study will help determine ways to improve utilization of the costly resource of the CT head scan. Read More >

Using stem cells, new insights into tonsil cancer
November 2, 2015Researchers were able to make tonsil stem cells multiply abnormally when exposed to a cancer-causing gene. Read More >

A disconcerting disconnect on atrial fibrillation medication
November 2, 2015Assistant Professor Jason Andrade found that physicians primarily prescribe warfarin to prevent stroke, despite the desirable traits of newer drugs. Read More >

A decade of interdisciplinary investigations
October 29, 2015The Life Sciences Institute marks a precocious 10 years of existence. Read More >