Faculty of Medicine scientists appointed to BC Leadership Chairs
January 19, 2017Michael Kobor is now the Sunny Hill BC Leadership Chair in Child Development, and Raymond Lam is the BC Leadership Chair in Depression Research. Read More >

Parks, big and small, needed for public health
January 18, 2017Matilda van den Bosch from the School of Population and Public Health co-authored a World Health Organization report summarizing the health benefits of urban green spaces. Read More >

UBC study suggests that HIV therapy could be contributing to syphilis outbreak
January 16, 2017Despite evidence that HIV therapy lowers immunity to syphillis, researchers say it is still vital for people to continue to using HIV therapy. Read More >

UBC’s beacons of hope in the war against Alzheimer’s disease
January 16, 2017Despite dispiriting headlines in the search for an effective drug, UBC continues to uncover knowledge pointing to new treatments and best practices. Read More >

Why doesn’t Batman get concussions?
January 11, 2017Study uses Caped Crusader to raise awareness about concussion risks. Read More >

Counselling and opioid substitution therapy could reduce risk of hepatitis C reinfection
January 10, 2017The findings give another reason for better engagement with injection-drug users, the authors say. Read More >

The best way to prevent peanut allergies? Feeding your infant peanut-based foods early
January 5, 2017The recommendations come from an official U.S. expert panel that included UBC's Edmond Chan. Read More >

Study of exercise and Parkinson’s disease yields positive results
January 4, 2017Habitual exercise may confer an advantage in combating Parkinson’s disease by facilitating the brain’s production of dopamine. Read More >

Advances in technology are shaping Parkinson’s research
December 16, 2016UBC Professor Martin McKeown talks about his research interests, what he hopes to accomplish and his recent collaboration with Conquer Mobile. Read More >

Rehabilitation Research Program shows off its work
December 16, 2016The program focuses on improving rehabilitation for individuals with stroke, improving quality of life for individuals who rely on power mobility devices, and mitigating the effects of secondary complications. Read More >