Combatting COVID-19

Hear from UBC experts, learn more about work on the frontlines, and discover the latest research helping to combat the global outbreak.

Cloud computing support accelerates COVID-19 vaccine improvements

Professor Leonard Foster and his team have been studying the virus responsible for COVID-19 in hopes of developing a more targeted vaccine with fewer side effects.

COVID-19 virus variants research receives national funding

Faculty of medicine researchers received national funding for work on COVID-19 virus variants.

Knowing someone with COVID-19 increased men’s anxiety more than women’s

The study is the first to track the association between proximity to COVID-19 and symptoms of anxiety week-by-week and over an extended period of time.

Weak antibody response to first vaccine dose may leave older adults vulnerable

The findings raise questions about the optimal timing of the second dose of vaccine for older adults.

Women lead on COVID-19 research

From vaccine development to building wearable infection detectors, women at UBC are making significant contributions to the COVID-19 research front.

New study to track COVID-19 transmission in Vancouver schools

The study will also examine the risk of exposure to COVID-19 cases in schools

Weighing the pandemic’s psychological toll

Worldwide survey seeks input on everyone’s mental health.

8 tips to communicate better while wearing a face mask

Audiologists offer tips to help us all better understand one other.

National vaccine safety network launches survey to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines

UBC’s Dr. Julie Bettinger is the lead investigator for the national network.