Making a difference: Midwifery student connects midwives with personal protective equipment
May 12, 2020Through Masks to Midwives initiative, more than 200 reusable surgical cap and gown sets, 2,000 surgical masks and 150 home-sewn masks have been distributed to midwifery practices in communities around B.C. Read More >

One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for treating hypertension in pregnancy
May 11, 2020New findings will help better understand the risks and benefits of hypertension treatment during pregnancy. Read More >

Researchers offer at-home physical activity support for people with disabilities
May 7, 2020UBC and Queen’s University offer virtual program for all Canadians with physical disabilities. Read More >

Researchers unlock TB vaccine puzzle in findings that could save millions of newborns
May 6, 2020UBC researchers among an international team to identify the mechanism behind one of science’s most enduring mysteries. Read More >

How to protect seniors living in long-term care from social isolation
May 6, 2020Dr. Roger Wong shares advice and looks ahead at how the COVID-19 outbreak is set to reform long-term care policies. Read More >

Supporting the mental health needs of those on front-lines
May 5, 2020UBC’s department of psychiatry is stepping up to support the mental health needs of front-line doctors during the outbreak — and beyond. Read More >

Three Faculty of Medicine researchers named CIHR Sex and Gender Science Chairs
May 4, 2020Drs. Elizabeth Rideout, Wendy Robinson and Kate Shannon will drive innovation, build capacity, and share knowledge to grow the science of sex and gender research. Read More >

UBC discovery opens new avenues for designing drugs to combat drug-resistant malaria
May 1, 2020Researchers have shown a key difference in the three-dimensional structures of a key metabolic enzyme in the parasite that causes malaria compared to its human counterpart. Read More >

Soil in wounds can help stem deadly bleeding
April 27, 2020New UBC research shows for the first time that soil silicates—the most abundant material on the Earth’s crust—play a key role in blood clotting. Read More >

DNA testing could help in COVID-19 treatment
April 23, 2020Dr. Bill Gibson discusses why genotyping one particular gene could improve patient care for this disease. Read More >

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