Faculty of Medicine receives $31M in federal grants for research infrastructure
October 13, 2017One of the projects, led by Francois Benard, will produce cancer-killing isotopes. Read More >

Hitting the road to understand the challenges of rural health
October 12, 2017Dave Snadden logged 10,000 kilometres interviewing physicians in small communities in B.C., the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Read More >

New evidence emerges for genetic predisposition to peanut allergy
October 11, 2017The gene c11orf30/EMSY was already known to play a role in other allergic conditions, such as eczema. Read More >

Quebec pharmacare system provides lessons for Canada
October 10, 2017The plan didn't live up to policy-makers promises that it would save taxpayers' money. Read More >

Big-city vision with small-town heart
October 5, 2017Third-year UBC medical student Michael Gallea is one of 125 medical students to receive a bursary to support his journey in medicine. Read More >

Indigenous medical graduates inspire future generations
October 4, 2017This fall the UBC Faculty of Medicine is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Aboriginal MD Admissions program. Read More >

Education can make difference in cardiac arrest outcomes
October 4, 2017Comprehensive public health initiatives around CPR and defibrillation led to greater use of the procedures, especially at home. Read More >

2017 Faculty of Medicine Award Recipients
September 28, 2017Bruce McManus, Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine receives the 2017 Bill and Marilyn Webber Lifetime Achievement Award. Read More >

New tool maps nature across Vancouver to boost mental health
September 27, 2017The study sampled 200 parks in both low-and high-income areas, from Vancouver to Lions Bay and Abbotsford. Read More >

Early guidance can help future moms fight fear of childbirth
September 20, 2017Providing women with early knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth could help reduce unncessary C-sections finds Postdoctoral Fellow Kathrin Stoll. Read More >

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